Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Poverty: Holland manhandled by associations – Echoes

Poverty: Holland manhandled by associations – Echoes

The head of state was criticized on the “stigmatization of the unemployed.”

A close warned that the associations fighting against poverty “are not frankly yes-yes” . François Hollande yesterday was not disappointed. Moving within the premises of the Agency in-kind donation in Clichy (Hauts-de-Seine), the head of state was criticized players in the field. While a five-year plan was announced in December 2012, overall “the fight against poverty barely moved forward. [...] The intensity of poverty is increasing “, summed François Soulages, president of the group that gathers Alert forty associations. Through the voice of the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Christopher Robert, the Fondation Abbé Pierre singled “renunciations” , regretting that the most vulnerable are “not at the heart of government action” .

“Principle Republican”

Most importantly, all associations have criticized the “stigmatization of the unemployed” in “too much public discourse” , referring to the debate on unemployment benefits, jobs unfilled and control of unemployed. “It’s not a good message to wear now” , pointed Thierry Kuhn, President of Emmaus. Fnars, Federation of Foster and reintegration associations chaired by Louis Gallois, has also denounced “a hateful debate on handouts” .

Francois Hollande has granted a “aggravation” of poverty (France has, according to the poverty line chosen from 5 to 8.6 million poor), arguing that “The economy is down for six years” and promising to implement the plan to combat “in full force” . He defended what was done, emphasizing the appreciation of RSA 2% per year until 2017 provided the final push intervened last month, giving the executive, under pressure from the majority, a one-year freeze to contribute to the savings plan. Above all, the president has applied yesterday to hold the “word strong” claimed by the associations. “The poor are not citizens like any other but on a par with others. [...] Solidarity is not a supplement of soul” , but “republican principle” “the pride of a nation” , has he said, describing the poverty of “humiliation for the Republic” .

Way to Francois Hollande, who promised last week keeping the funds provided by the autism plan to position themselves in what is still the French model. And strangle the charges Valerie Trierweiler on “without teeth”.


President will be on November 6 TF1. A special issue, just two and a half years after his election.

Pierre-Alain Furbury, Les Echos

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