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Jean-Marc Ayrault lectured Manuel Valls – The World

Jean-Marc Ayrault lectured Manuel Valls – The World

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Jean-Marc Ayrault to the National Assembly on 16 September 2014

Friday, October 10, the former prime minister, becomes a member of Loire-Atlantique, sent two spades in quick succession against the policy of Mr. Valls. After lunch earlier this week in Paris with Martine Aubry, also increasingly critical against the government, Mr. Ayrault pointed in two separate mails, too small budgets according to him by the state to Pays de la Loire and the government’s fiscal policy.

In a letter filed Wednesday with Matignon and revealed Friday by the daily -Presse Ocean , Mr. Ayrault expressed his “astonishment” to “weak envelopes” assigned to the region as part of the future project contract state region 2015-2020 and judge the region Pays de la Loire “disadvantaged” with respect to its neighbors, Poitou-Charentes and Britain.

M. Ayrault asked Mr Valls to revise upward the awards “in order to restore fairness with neighboring regions” , but was worried about how “even greater for the teaching and research in general, since all regions are seeing their endowments fall in this promising sector. ” and cites the example of Nantes, a city where he was mayor from 1989 to 2012 and a budget in these two areas would fall by 60% after him.

” Jean-Marc Ayrault, like other politicians, knows that we need to reduce our public spending “, was forced to reply on Friday Prime Minister traveling to Toulouse for the conference of the Association of Regions France. But “I just reassure regional presidents on the envelope plan contracts (…) including universities, innovation and research. President [of the region Pays de la Loire] Jacques Auxiette will bring good news to Jean-Marc Ayrault, “, added Mr. Valls.

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M. Ayrault has not stuck with the only kindness. In his contribution to the PS sent Friday as part of the States General of the party, he also gave a lesson in taxation to his successor. End of 2013, then Prime Minister, he announced a “overhaul of the tax system” , largely abandoned since Mr. Valls. A mistake, he said. He suggested the need “resume” this “major project now”

Favorable -. Slingers as many socialists – to levy the source and merger of income tax and the CSG, Mr. Ayrault think “We can not continue to reduce the number of contributors to the income tax: it is reinforcing the The idea that the effort is not shared by all “. A social democratic stone directly deposited into the Social Liberal garden of Mr. Valls, a strong supporter of lower taxes.


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