Monday, October 6, 2014

“My government is pro-business! “Says Valls in the City of London – Les Echos

"My government is pro-business! "Says Valls in the City of London – Les Echos

Visiting London, the Prime Minister told the British financial community need to “cut taxes in France faced by households, but first on those companies’

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” A French socialist prime minister to the City, it’s almost a revolution, “the Prime Minister launched before an audience of financial actors Britain. After meeting with David Cameron on Monday in the morning in London, Manuel Valls went to the financial heart of the British capital where focus most banks and insurance companies.

“I think my role is to anticipate economic actors, those who create the wealth,” said Manuel Valls who put the heart in this operation seduction because he did not hesitate to launch “My government is pro-business! “

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” Invest in France “

Manuel Valls also said he had “cut taxes in France faced by households, but first those on business.” Wanting to give pledges of reform, he supported having “bad news to you here in London shortly stores will soon open” Sunday “in any case in Paris,” he has said before add that soon, museums will also be open seven days a


“If the French are welcome in London, the British are even more welcome in France (… ) I invite you, instead of London, to come and invest in France, “he has also said, claiming to want to” give a goal for my (his) government: remake of France’s leading economic power in Europe “.

“France hopes that the UK remains in the EU”

In addition, he added that the UK “would lose much to want to turn their backs on Europe.” “I know the deadlines coming years that would lead you to express yourself on your destiny and your future. And I tell you calmly and sincerely: France hopes that the UK remains in the European Union, “he said. A statement that comes as British business circles are concerned about the impact that could have on the financial center of the City an output of the United Kingdom of the European Union.

“I do not doubt for a moment that this meeting will lead, especially in France, many comments,” Finally, the Prime Minister said. Beyond the single meeting, his comments should actually initiate many reactions, including in his own camp.

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