Monday, October 13, 2014

Six months of stay required against Jean-Noel Guerini, president of … – Paris Normandie

Six months of stay required against Jean-Noel Guerini, president of … – Paris Normandie

Chairman of the General Council of the Bouches-du-Rhone, former head of the local PS, Jean-Noel Guerini is on trial for embezzlement, a secondary matter in relation to its other criminal records. Attorney Jean-Luc Blachon required an identical against the former assistant to Jean-Noel Guerini, Jean-David Ciot, PS deputy since 2012, tried for receiving stolen public funds worthwhile. A fine of EUR 15 000 was claimed against each.

Nothing in the record

lawyers MM. Ciot and Guerin pleaded the release saying that there was nothing criminal in this case. The judgment was reserved to December 8. Justice Jean-David Ciot suspected of having benefited May 26, 2011 dismissal of complacency from his position as technical advisor to the president of the department, with 65,000 euros in compensation to allow him to run for parliamentary elections in 2012.

Jean-Luc Blachon mentioned a aberrant termination questioning on the absence of notice in his proving intentionality of the two defendants. If Jean-David Ciot had made a notice, he could not stand for laws, a law in April 2011 requiring employees of local authorities to resign at least one year before the election. Shortly after his departure from the CG, he was elected first secretary of the federation of the Bouches-du-Rhône, replacing Jean-Noel Guerini.

Jean-David Ciot reiterated at the hearing that the dismissal had been imposed, he did not want to resign, did not intend to run in the parliamentary elections. This is in spite of himself, by accident, it was chosen for him quipped Jean-Luc Blachon, evoking a starting coin, struck by wrong motives . “ If he has indeed acknowledged at the hearing have decided to dismiss his collaborator, Jean-Noel Guerini, gray suit, white shirt and tie dark, said to have at any time thought to violate the law and not taking care of the details.


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