The economy minister Emmanuel Macron & # xE0; Lyon October 9, 2014
Minister of Economy Emmanuel Macron in Lyon October 9, 2014 – Jean-Philippe Ksiazek AFP

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About Emmanuel Macron, on unemployment this weekend are still react politicians Monday insurance. Sunday, Economy Minister has created controversy by declaring Sunday, in an interview with Sunday Journal , that it would “not be a taboo or posture “on the UI and judging” insufficient “the recent reform of the unemployment insurance agreement.

Former minister Benoît Hamon on Monday criticized the “uncoordinated initiatives” of the government, intended to “appease the European Union”, which “unseating the social partners” and “worry those who are unemployed. ” According to the deputy of the Yvelines, “France has no choice facing the Commission, except to lose his credibility, to accelerate the so-called structural reforms, an agenda that is not his. I think Emmanuel Macron as Premier implement the proposals, put them in debate because they have no other choice but to do so and that the EU requires “.

President of the PS group in the National Assembly, Bruno Le Roux, he said on Europe 1 that unemployment insurance is “not the political agenda of the majority”, recalling: “Before the state takes responsibility will require that the social partners have discussed (…) We would be wise to leave the initiative to the social partners. “

UMP de Seine-et -Marne, Franck Riester , said on RFI that the right “has long supported the idea that it is necessary to reform the unemployment compensation.” “The problem is the lack of clarity of the executive (…) That’s on all subjects,” said he hammered, predicting: “It will not be because obviously there will be an outcry from the majority of the Socialist party. “

PS Senator of Paris, Marie-Noëlle Lienemann , Emmanuel Macron “puts confusion.” “Unemployment insurance is a pillar of our society, it is a social stabilizer,” she has said about South Radio, saying that “it would be better to create jobs.” The member of the left wing of the PS further stated: “I do not know what I have in common with M. Macron . Before he was in his bank or the PS or in Parliament. “

” Are we may have ministers who are working, applying a line and held there? There is already enough confusion, “found the President of the environmental group in the Senate, Jean-Vincent Place on LCI Radio Classique recalling that “Labour Minister François Rebsamen had already initiated discussions already on the unemployed, being also more stigmatizing Emmanuel Macron that raises a debate.”

After Sunday immediately responded, noting that when the president speaks, “the ministers use” PS first secretary Jean-Christophe Cambadélis is defended Monday morning on France Info having “reframed” the Minister of Economy. He said the formula Emmanuel Macron is “harmful” because it hides the part of the interview “that talked about the need for a European recovery. And that’s the real issue. “

Sunday, Secretary of State Budget Christian Eckert had found it on RTL should “not be a taboo or posture” on the UI, it was essential to reduce the “chronic deficit”, but it was for the social partners to decide how. “It’s true that if they do not reach an agreement, we will see how the government may legislate on the issue,” he added.

Ecology Minister Segolene Royal had she called not to change the ‘social acquis’ unemployment insurance system, which do not touch “in times of crisis,” and spoke of “a little awkward vocabulary” of the Minister of Economy which has in any case “announced his intention to reform the unemployment insurance.”