Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Holland shuts out the modulation of family allowances … – Le Parisien

Holland shuts out the modulation of family allowances … – Le Parisien

<- Hard dé e: 0.021115064620972 sec -> François Hollande has closed the door to the project of socialist MP. The Head of State dismissed on Wednesday the track modulation of family allowances by income stressing that it was a principle “for the time being discussed”, “but” not retained. ”
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“Modulation of family allowances”, claimed by PS deputies, is “not a structural reform,” he said . “It’s just a technique to save money or principle which currently is under discussion and has not been selected,” said the head of state at a press briefing after the conference on Employment in Europe held in Milan (Italy).

The idea of ​​an ultra-sensitive modulation of family allowances by income was boosted by the socialist deputies, a reform already seen in the past but that has reduced several governments.

Tuesday morning, during a closed meeting to prepare the budget session, the PS deputies objected strongly reducing parental leave for mothers at 18 months in exchange for a period equal to the fathers (who are far less likely to interrupt their careers to devote themselves to the early years of their children), and especially the rapporteur of the family side of the budget Marie-Françoise Clergeau.

“I’m totally for parity, but if we put parental leave to 18 months for fathers now, this will be at the expense of mothers,” then concluded, according to Les Echos, the member of the Hérault Denaja Sebastian, former rapporteur of the law to real equality between women and men, enacted last August.

The law already provides for the sharing of parental leave, six months is granted to men. Participants at the meeting seemed to agree not to change once more parental leave. “Looking back on it too soon, there is still the trial amateurism risk” would concern Carlotti, former Minister Responsible for Persons with Disabilities.

The Minister of Social Affairs Marisol Touraine replied that it was “open” to the amenities provided keeping in mind the need of those 700 million planing. So that one of the vice-presidents (PS) Assembly Laurence Dumont proposed replacing this extent by the means-tested child benefit. An alternative approved by many of the members present, according to these sources. And in the discussion, several members seemed to prefer this option.


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