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Bygmalion: What auditions Franck Attal and Guy say Alves – The World

Bygmalion: What auditions Franck Attal and Guy say Alves – The World

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The case Bygmalion becomes a case of illegal financing for the 2012 campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy. The survey, now assigned to two judges, and hearings that lead them, continue to show that the campaign staff of former head of state, faced with spending in excess of largely limits allowed by law, has set up a system of double billing now Bygmalion, its main provider for the organization of meetings.

Event & amp; Co., a subsidiary of Bygmalion, was responsible for organizing the campaign rallies of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2012

1. The characters

Guy Alves was heard on 29 and 30 September last, and the 1 st October. Cofounder of Bygmalion Bastien Millot, is a businessman close to Jean-Francois Cope. He worked with him from 1997 to 2011 and co-directed with Bastien Millot, his campaign for the regional elections in the Ile-de-France.

This is thanks to Mr. Cope that Bastien Millot meeting. Former student of Mr. Cope at Sciences Po, Bastien Millot directed his cabinet to Meaux, where he was mayor, and Bercy, when he was Minister in the budget between 2004 and 2007 when the joined Guy Alves.

In his election as head of the UMP in 2012, Jean-Francois Cope says inte gralit é communication party to Mr. Alves, who is also the contact identified in the Official Journal of the association Generation France , the microparti Mr. Cope.

M. Alves says however know little Lavrilleux Jerome (hired by Mr. Millot) and not at all Eric Cesari and Fabienne Liadze. According to him, Franck Attal who managed the “client UMP”. Franck Attal came to see him start in April 2012 to explain that they should accept the double billing, a proposal that would originally Jerome Lavrilleux.

Franck Attal, heard the same dates, is the former deputy general manager of the subsidiary Bygmalion event, Event and Co. He worked from 2002 to EMU (Union movement, forerunner of the UMP) with Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Pierre Lellouche, Renaud Muselier or Renaud Dutreil.

Describing the mission of the company he ran (for EUR 8 900 per month), Franck Attal talks about ‘supply of creativity (…), graphic work events “ and ” digital services ” .

It was, according to his account, the first to to ask the campaign team of Nicolas Sarkozy s’ document on late payments. After which, according to his version, he had accept the dual billing imposed on him by the team of Nicolas Sarkozy, not without refer his superiors, MM. Millot and Alves.

His family holding REC Expansion receives 625,000 euros in dividends in 2013 (for 2012), an amount that allows him to create a company of Israeli law, TPRM.

Other characters involved in their stories:

  • Guillaume Lambert campaign manager Mr Sarkozy which would have occurred than for large meetings (Concorde, Trocadero, Villepinte.)
  • Jerome Lavrilleux , deputy director of the campaign of Mr. Sarkozy, but also right arm of Jean-Francois Cope to the UMP. He confessed to having set up the system of double billing.
  • Fabienne Liadzé director of resources within the UMP, in charge of general resources of the party; during the campaign, she was head of the Department Finance and therefore the daily financial management;
  • Matthew Fay , accounting for Event & amp; Co. , who participated in the design of double billing. “ In principle, one issuing invoices is Matthew Fay but has authority over him” , said Franck Attal .
  • Sébastien Borivent , deputy general manager of Bygmalion, served as an intermediary between the parent company and Event & amp; Co.

“Move billing on UMP meetings”

Here is what Franck Attal, interviewed 1 st October:

“In early April, [...] I was revived by suppliers for late payment of some of their bills . I questioned accounting, Mr. Borivent and Mr. Fay, whether these regulations were scheduled to pay suppliers. I have been aware that these payments were not programmed for reasons of late payment of the UMP in the first meetings. Mr. Fay has revived accounting UMP to see the scheduled time and the timing of these regulations.

The feedback gives me Matthew Fay, is that the answers are evasive and that no confirmation of dates.

We missed four days or a week. And I decided to discuss this issue directly with Fabienne Liadzé to know what it was and what was the reason for the delays. An appointment was scheduled for the UMP. My certainty is that there was Jerome Lavrilleux. It also seems to me that there was Fabienne Liadzé. And it also seems to me that was this Eric Cesari.

Jerome Lavrilleux explained that the recurrence of such meetings was that the ceiling would be exceeded and that the only proposed solution was to move the billing of services provided during campaign rallies on UMP meetings on the year 2012 “

When Attal contradicts Lavrilleux Franck Attal testimony contradicts that of Jérôme Lavrilleux here. The latter told investigators that he had heard about the double billing “after the end of the campaign,” , when it came to establishing campaign accounts between May 6 and July 6, 2012

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The next witness to Franck Attal confirms Franck Alves and Bastien Millot, the two leaders Bygmalion, were aware of and consented to this totally illegal duplication.

“I immediately gave information to Sebastian Borivent. We were both extremely destabilized by the subject. The exchange lasted 5-10 minutes. He told me he was going to talk about what not to MM. Alves and Millot.

Then, very quickly, the next day or two, I had the return of Sebastian Borivent, who told me that the order was given to continue to deliver events ‘normally’ and that presidents confirmed their agreement to the system of cost allocation meeting on UMP meetings. “

A little further, he added that such double charging was decided late in April, but it was then applied retroactively on bills that meetings had taken place.

“I think we split billing for the first meetings allocated under the system set up after the meeting. “

” Have you been blackmailed by Jerome Lavrilleux? “Inquired the judge. “At the time, I did not feel (…) later, we quickly the feeling of being presented with a fait accompli. “

What does Guy Alves? It largely confirms what Mr. Attal, including dates. It also points to the responsibility of Jerome Lavrilleux:

“Franck Attal, reported to me a fortnight or three weeks before the first turn Mr. Lavrilleux had told him that the country could not pay the full cost meetings and he proposed this system by asking him if he agreed. I think if Lavrilleux issued this proposal is that it had two hats countryside and UMP. It was he who, in the campaign team, is in charge of meetings, and at the same time, the UMP, is the chief of staff Mr. Cope. “

” I was trapped by the UMP and the country “

Guy Alves explained that he had no choice:

“I know very quickly that, given the amounts we owe it to our providers, more 10 million at that time, I’m stuck. I considered that I had no choice. My only recourse was either to assign Nicolas Sarkozy personally and expect him to pay me my billing for myself, I can pay my suppliers, or to accept the proposed installation being aware that I crossed the yellow line. “

He added:

” This decision was taken on the sole criterion to save my box and my suppliers. “

A little later, Mr. Alves confirms the responsibility of Bastien Millot, close advisor to Jean-Francois Cope and co-leader of Bygmalion:

” I talked to Bastien Millot who do not object. This decision was taken by mutual agreement between him and me. “

Guy Alves ensures that the initiative, but also the organization of false billing, had the UMP:

” On the UMP part of the campaign, we put into their hands, that is to say that it was for them to give us the breakdown and intititulés to appear on the invoice. “

It adds a little later an interesting element. According to him, the decision of this false billing could come only from Jerome Lavrilleux

” It could not be taken by the leaders of the UMP and / or campaign. “

raid on the headquarters of Bygmalion, Paris, 26 May 2014

4 . An unexpected discovery

The investigators mention another discovery: a system of double billing was introduced by Bygmalion in 2011, before the presidential campaign. A revelation that raises questions, since it denies delivered by Mr. Cope a system of false invoices created during the campaign release. Both frameworks Bygmalion say a few words.

Who made the decision to make false bills? “For billing arrangements is Fabienne Liadze” says Mr. Attal, stating that it had come into contact with then Matthew Fay, the accounting of Event & amp; Co. The boss of the company évenementiel talking about a “ventilation system” and a “mechanical breakdown” which he denies knowledge while recognizing have “seen some of these quotes and amended invoices.”

But it remains a mystery. Faced with various invoices sent to the UMP to ventilate campaign spending, and the inconsistencies (set development of the UMP headquarters for a press conference, January 31, 2012 – first charged 5800 euros then 24,793 euros – or even “The maritime history of France” – first 1,700 euros and 41 euros 828), Franck Attal that recognizes “there actually was a problem” but He adds: “I do not remember this invoice .”

Regarding these bills, his amnesia <- - atom snippet!> resolves suddenly “ I finally remember. In late 2011, Fabienne Liadze tells me that the UMP could not pay bills on a balance of fiscal 2011, and asked me to move the amounts due on the bills in January 2012 to be updated .

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