Friday, October 10, 2014

No cases of Ebola in France, setting up a hotline – Le Nouvel Observateur

No cases of Ebola in France, setting up a hotline – Le Nouvel Observateur

Paris (AFP) – No Ebola patient is treated in France, the suspect case was presented to the Paris hospital Bichat has been rejected, but a hotline will be set up to meet to public concern, said Friday the Minister of Health.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Manuel Valls warned against any “panic” in France related to the virus Ebola. “You have to be careful. Such caution is for the authorities and the press not to cause panic as we were able to see,” said Mr. Valls sidelines of the congress of the Association of Regions of France in Toulouse.

A freephone number 0800 13 00 00, will on Saturday 9:00, answer questions from the public, said Marisol Touraine during a press conference at the Ministry of Health .

Europe 1 Friday morning had raised a “probable case” of Ebola in Bichat, “a woman who contracted the virus in Africa.” Suspicion is now ruled out.

So far, since the beginning of the epidemic in West Africa, only a nurse Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) was treated in France for Ebola . She had contracted the disease in Africa and is now cured.

“As I speak, no case of Ebola is supported” in France, said the minister.

“Eleven cases and only eleven cases, including one who was hospitalized Bichat last night led to the tests and all the tests have proved negative at this time,” said she said.

The Minister has refused to give evidence about the identity of the person who presented at Bichat on the night of Thursday to Friday, but noted that it had ” demonstrated remarkable composure. “

” on standby enhanced “

The minister also said that” about 70 people staff “hospital Military Bégin (Val-de-Marne), where had been treated in MSF nurse “are regularly monitored.”

Ms. Touraine emphasized that the Institute of Health Surveillance was “waking reinforced “confront the threat of Ebola, noting that 23 beds were available in 12 hospitals of reference for this virus in France, plus 13 beds in intensive care.

A weekly briefing with health agencies will be implemented from next week. “From the beginning I made the choice of transparency,” said the minister who explained the principles of communication on this issue.

“No comment will be made regarding any suspected If the future, “she said. “However, if a case is confirmed, I pledge again to inform the public immediately,” she promised.

The Minister reminded forcefully that “travel to affected countries are strongly discouraged. ” Three countries in West Africa are disproportionately affected by the epidemic, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

“The situation is evolving, stricter controls at the outset as to arrival could occur in the coming days, “added the minister.

A European meeting is scheduled on October 17 to discuss a possible strengthening of controls.

The concern the potential spread of Ebola rises in Europe, the health of the first infected person outside Africa, a Spanish nurse’s aide hospitalized in Madrid, having deteriorated. It was part of the team who looked after two Spanish priests returning from Africa.

“We have to fight an unprecedented massive epidemic that has already affected more than 8,000 people and left nearly 4,000 deaths,” said Ms. Touraine. Official data “probably underestimated”, she said.


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