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Insurance: “There is no place in the immediate … – Release

Insurance: "There is no place in the immediate … – Release

Labour Minister, François Rebsamen, told AFP Monday that there was “no place in the immediate future” to renegotiate “anything “ on unemployment insurance, in the wake of a controversy initiated by the minister of Economy, Emmanuel Macron.

” There is no place in immediately renegotiate anything and besides, it’s not possible “, has he said on the sidelines of a movement on employment in Clichy-la-Garenne ( Hauts-de-Seine). “We just signed” the unemployment convention, which runs until 2016, he added, a few hours after the end of inadmissibility of the Elysée to about Emmanuel Macron who said Sunday that he should “not be a taboo or posture” on this.

Trading on unemployment “the insurance will time comes “ and ” not immediately “, had earlier said the Elysee questioned in the wake of a controversy initiated by the minister of Economy Emmanuel Macron. “With regard to unemployment insurance, there is a problem of deficit, but trading on the subject will come in due course, not immediately,” Has there said the same source , saying that “question is the responsibility of the social partners in relation to the state.”

“An agreement was signed in 2014 and a date been set by the social partners for a new appointment in 2016 “, said the Elysee Palace, which notes that in the meantime ” there is a lot of topics on the agenda of negotiations partners social, including the ongoing negotiations on the modernization of social dialogue. “

In an interview with Sunday newspaper , the economy minister has estimated that it was to “not be a taboo or posture” on unemployment insurance, open debate left on the opportunity to discuss the amount and duration of benefits. “Unemployment insurance is a deficit of 4 billion euros; What politician can be satisfied? “, sued Emmanuel Macron. The current reform is ‘insufficient’ but it is “ social partners [...] to get things done” , he added.

The First Secretary Jean-Christophe Cambadélis has responded curtly Sunday: “The left has no taboo, but it has some totems, especially the fact that when the president s expresses ministers apply. “

Bruno Le Roux (photo AFP), president of the PS group in the Assembly, said on Monday that Europe 1 what about unemployment insurance was ‘not on the political agenda of the majority [...] Before the state takes responsibility will require that the social partners have discussed [...] We would be wise to leave the initiative to the social partners. “

The unemployed,” the brunt of the decline in the market “

Franck Riester, April 9, 2009 & # xE0, the Assembl XE9 & #; national e xE0 & #;. Paris In contrast, Franck Riester (photo AFP), UMP de Seine-et-Marne assured: “It supports long been this idea that it is necessary to reform the unemployment compensation is argued. The problem is the lack of clarity of the executive [...] That’s about all subjects. Or for reforms of this magnitude [...] is necessarily open the door to not only the failure of the reform, but also to all political abuses. Look at the first secretary of the Socialist Party criticized the Minister of Economy [...] It is not going to do because obviously there will be an outcry from the majority of the Socialist Party [...] It was understood who addressed this communication: it is directly addressed in Brussels to consider future remarks will make Brussels on the budget. ”

The number one CGT, Thierry LEPAON (photo AFP), said he was “shocked” by About Emmanuel The secretary XE9 & #; silent g & # XE9 n & # XE9; ral CGT Thierry LEPAON xE0 & #; Paris, April 7, 2014 Macron. In the words of the Minister of Economy, “What shocks me most is that he did not refer to the fact that today one in two unemployed receives no compensation” , has he said on Europe 1 What the “equally shocking is that we put in front of the stage the idea that the unemployed would profiteers while this are the main victims of the deterioration of the labor market and rising unemployment, “.

Meanwhile, FO believes, in a statement, “the Prime Minister, the Minister of Economy and Labour Minister compete imagination and little phrases on the financial condition of unemployment insurance and therefore jobseekers. It’s inconsistent, irresponsible and somewhat nauseating “, says the union. FO recalled that the government has approved the agreement on unemployment Insurance “without hesitation” . If he felt bad “why did he not refuse? Does he now give assurances to the European commission? “ request the union.

Francois Hollande stressed Thursday that there was ” sufficiently topics for us to be busy and we show that we are making meaningful reforms to employment “, reframing statements attributed to the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, in which the question of the amount and duration of unemployment compensation in France was “being rested.”


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