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Valls, Prime Minister, is not hostile to the single Council Alsace … – DNA – News Latest Alsace

Valls, Prime Minister, is not hostile to the single Council Alsace … – DNA – News Latest Alsace

Philippe Richert <- - / end .toolbar!>: Valls suggested that the scope of future regions was not static, “particularly in Alsace”

“I met Manuel Valls Friday, we interacted with the size of the regions he said. can still move, particularly in Alsace”: this little phrase dropped by Philippe Richert at the very end of the press conference on event to be held Saturday, October 11, starting at 14:30 instead of Bordeaux, Strasbourg, speaks volumes about what is being played.

If the vote of three meetings (general tips and advice regional), the petition launched by Jean Rottner, the motion passed by more than a hundred towns to demand the creation of a region that follows the historical boundaries of Alsace are important, the main part is played in Paris at Matignon at the Elysee Palace and more in the corridors of the two Houses, the Senate and National Assembly.

Friday, Phillip Richert was in Paris to meet with other regional presidents Prime Minister Manuel Valls. There was discussion of various topics, university funding, contracts between the State-Region and, of course, in a conversation, the perimeter of the future regions. This is where the Prime Minister suggested that things were not fixed.

Parliamentarians from right outside Alsace, favor the vast region …

However, the Alsatian parliamentarians who spoke at the press conference about the event on Saturday afternoon at the House of the region, were not reassuring. “Time is running five ‘,” it is one minute to midnight “… said the one and the other, to say that there is danger.

If they have certainly wanted to dramatize the challenge just days before the rally for the single Strasbourg Council of Alsace and against the vast region Alsace-Lorraine-Champagne-Ardenne (ALCA), deputies and senators of the Alsatian Majority (UMP-IDU) also explained at length that it is this very large area which had XXL now the most likely to create. Because of the balance in the Senate (which has a new majority) and the National Assembly, where there are candidates from the very large area on the left and right (side of the Champagne-Ardenne and Lorraine). Nothing says for the time that the Senate will defeat the map passed at the meeting. “If the first section of the meeting is set, even if there is discussion of other sections of the Act, it will be finished,” warned Philippe Richert today. “The danger comes from senators on the right, not from Alsace, who might be tempted to make a region Alsace-Lorraine-Champagne-Ardenne,” he added later the president of the Regional Council of Alsace.

Two hypotheses, not three, assuming Alsace-Lorraine no longer exists …

For Senators and MPs who spoke on Monday afternoon, there are two assumptions that the chance of success: the vast region FTAA, or the Alsace region separated from the larger whole. “The assumption of Alsace-Lorraine region does not exist, no longer exists,” argued Philippe Richert, who had for a time agreed to discuss this project with his neighbor Lorraine Masseret (PS).

In the Senate, a special commission was established to examine the bill on territorial reform. Claude Kern (IDU), Alsatian Senator-elect, asked to join.

10,000 to 15,000 protesters aim

Alsace on Saturday, “My Collective Alsace region “, created at the initiative of consular and professional chambers (CCI Chamber of Trade, Chamber of Agriculture etc), hopes to do as well as the demonstration for Great Britain, there are a few days: 10,000 to 15,000 protesters . (Objective set by Philippe Richert)

It will be a festive event, with booths, a concert, a few speeches, “no manure or slurry” (provide farmers) and certainly not a message fallback stressed the dozen speakers at today’s press conference.

The organization of the event costs about 20,000 to 30,000 euros paid by the association Alsace United created in 2013 and supports the collective

Cheap five euros. Philippe Richert disclaims any legal risk

Philippe Richert assured that the Region will not have to pay the bills return to five euros will be covered by the device which supports all tickets TER throughout the year, the discounted rate is compensated for by the SNCF largest number of purchased tickets

On this. Subject is controversy in recent days, Philippe Richert proved touchy, sweeping hand any legal risk.

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AR Tickets € 5, the reasons for an event: Philippe Richert is due

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