Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Municipal canceled Venissieux two elected right-wing … – TF1

Municipal canceled Venissieux two elected right-wing … – TF1

Justice has ruled. The administrative tribunal of Lyon struck Tuesday the last municipal election in Venissieux in the Rhône , after which two right-wing advisors, including Yvan Benedetti, were elected. The court also gave the “ineligibility for one year” Yvan Benedetti and Estelle Gagon, both elected on the list “is Venissieux front” (10.27% in the second round of municipal), and “the immediate suspension of their mandate. ”

The court thus followed in its deliberations public rapporteur who, at the hearing on September 23, recommended the invalidation of two rounds of voting as requested by one of two complainants, Christophe Girard, DVD-UMP candidate unhappy Venissieux (30.40% in the second round). He argued “the registration of a recognized as irregular list” and asserted that “many voters (had) been prevented from voting outside several polling stations.”

An election “flawed”

The prefect of the Rhone Jean-François Carenco also filed in April asking to cancel a deferred only Yvan Benedetti election – former member of the FN, which he had been expelled for having qualified himself on anti-Semitic internet before taking the head of the Work French, small group of extreme right radical dissolved in the summer of 2013 – and Estelle Gagon.

In its application, the prefect pointed out that 19 people – 49 on the list of Yvan Benedetti- were not informed that they were featuring and been “deceived “. He said the election of two right-wing advisers was thus “flawed.” The outgoing mayor Communist Michèle Picard had been elected in the second round within a square.


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