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Family allowances: the about-face of François Hollande – The World

Family allowances: the about-face of François Hollande – The World

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President Francois Hollande at a ceremony on the medal of the family, 30 November 2013

Completed, universal family benefits, French specificity in the post-war period. The government eventually reach Thursday, October 16 at the urging of the socialist modulate family benefits based on income members. A gesture in flagrant contradiction with the campaign promises of François Hollande.

In March 2012, the Socialist candidate assured the National Union of Family Associations (UNAF) “all families, regardless may be their shape or level of resources must be recognized and supported by the community “:

” I remain very attached to the universal family allowances as a way to expand national recognition to the diversity of family forms. They will not be subject to a means test. “

This position campaign was in the line of traditional French vision of family benefits, generalized in 1932 by Landry law and enshrined in a specific branch of Social Security in 1946 Under the principle of horizontality (dedicated in 1978 with the removal of the condition of employment), community balance the vagaries of life regardless of income and household status. The arrival of a child in a home creating additional expenses, allowance is in addition to household income

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A first attempt failed

The turnaround, however floated above the presidential palace for nearly a year and a half .

March 28, 2013, on France 2, Francois Hollande had already initiated a first attempt at reform. Believing that abnormal “the highest incomes have the same allowances” that smaller, he promised that this aspect of family policy would be “reviewed” .

But facing strong opposition orchestrated by both the right and the communists UNAF the Ayrault government finally gave in June 2013 to establish the modulation benefits based on income. To keep the “social peace” , it was decided to lower the ceiling instead of the family quotient, this tax advantage that benefits the wealthiest families.

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While the demands of socialist deputies were becoming increasingly pressing in recent weeks, the Elysee appeared on camping his position, saying there is still a week since the modulation of allowances, a “simple technique to save money” , was not retained. Several members of the majority cited by Agence France-Presse, the president was finally “convinced of the determination of members to move forward” , at meetings in recent days.

Universality is she really buried?

To save face, the entourage of François Hollande and the majority have repeatedly tried to explain that the power requirement resources benefits was not inconsistent with the famous “universality” the French system. “We remain on a universality for all families continue to receive benefits” and tries to justify Marie-Françoise Clergeau, the rapporteur (PS) for the family of the budget of Social Security. Indeed, for the wealthiest families, the allocations will not be completely removed, only planed.

In 2013, the former Minister for the Dominique Bertinotti family even tried to explain to the world that such a solution could help “correct” “drifts” of our family model. She regretted that “children who belong to the 10% highest income, paradoxically, after receiving more allowances and tax deductions that children from middle or lower class” .

The symbol is nevertheless full of meaning. And the immediate reaction UNAF, which held “unthinkable” and “impossible” this modulation, the government promises a new showdown

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