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AKI in all, the fear of the GPA practiced “a … – The World

AKI in all, the fear of the GPA practiced "a … – The World

In the AKI for all Sunday afternoon in Paris.

What is certain is that for all the AKI has once again demonstrated its ability to mobilize its troops to march peacefully, but without again take to the streets the crowds that were opposed to the marriage law for all in 2013.

This is the core of the movement in defense of the traditional family that marched in a atmosphere rather good child. On the streets of Paris, the crowd is as always for all ages. Many children, many young people waving the flags blue, white and pink. Slogans and placards are standardized. “G as a kid, as a product P, A as purchase low GPA” “Holland, your laws, we do not want it! “ ” No to gender ideology in schools “

As for elected officials, traditional supporters are leading the procession: the UMP Claude Goasguen, Philippe Gosselin, Henri Guaino and presidential candidate of the party Herve Mariton. Laurent Wauquiez and Xavier Bertrand, who contributes to the primary UMP, are there too.

“A UNBEARABLE commodification”

In terms of the National Front, the procession is provided as in previous times, with about 150 or 200 people. Several party leaders and elected officials attended the event. Include: Louis Aliot and Marie-Christine arnautu, both vice-presidents, the Vaucluse MP Marion Marechal-Le Pen, Nicolas Bay, Deputy Secretary General, Stephane Ravier Senator Bouches-du-Rhône and mayor of 7 th Marseilles area and Aymeric Chauprade MEP, Councillor Marine Le Pen. But the latter and Florian Philippot did not come.

In the crowd, most were all demos. They fear “the destruction of the family, the basic cell of society” , as summarized Elie, 40, a lawyer came from 93 “Everyone has the right to live as he hears, he continues about marriage between people of the same sex. But this is not a good thing to offer it as a social model. If everyone did the same, generations could not succeed. “

In the AKI for all Sunday afternoon in Paris.

The repeal of the law of marriage law for all is one of the main demands, but above all, opposition to assisted reproductive technology (ART) for female couples and gestational others (GPA) are on everyone’s lips. Protesters follow to the letter the instructions of the organizers. In February the focus was on the fight against “gender ideology” . This time the theme of procreation is central.

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“The LDCs and the GPA are the logical continuation of the law Taubira said Philippe, 48, an engineer, came to Toulouse, which runs in families with 4 of his 6 children. Children are not things. There are women in poor countries for whom it is a way to survive. It is an unbearable commodification. “However, the GPA is already practiced abroad before marriage law for all, by gay or heterosexual couples (200 per year depending on associations) …” It opens the way that it becomes something normal “said Philippe

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The decision of the European Court of Human Rights,? that estimated in June that France should recognize children born by surrogacy abroad, is seen as a willingness to accept it in France, despite denials from the government. “It will be practiced on an industrial scale” , fears Eric, 40, unemployed engineer. “The child must remain sacred, says Emmanuel, 18, a student Vendée. Parents must be of opposite sex and have children naturally. ”


Some have come a very long way. Alban Sparrow made six hour drive from The Hague with his wife and their three children. “We demand the end of civilization change desired by Ms. Taubira in his law: the disruption of male female parentage” , he said. They will return tonight.

Most of the demonstrators are Christians but say ‘not being there in the name of their faith “, as Benedict Tertrais, a future priest who wants to defend ” the right of children to be born into a home with father and mother so that all enjoy the beauty of the difference between a man and a woman “. Eric is happy to be back in AKI for all a “community” “defends a different vision of the family, the traditional” . “I want to block this spirit that wants to believe that man is all powerful and all want to rebuild with only his intelligence, he says. must respect nature for this it is. “

The expectation vis-à-vis power is limited. “They are completely blocked” , say Jean-Pierre and Fanny, a retired couple from Neuilly. “I expect nothing from politicians, Eric continues. They are completely disconnected. I just want to say I did something. “ The protesters also want to influence the right. “It is for the entire political class, which is not very brave on these subjects” , said Philip.

On arrival at Montparnasse, the movement’s leaders are trying to galvanize the troops. “The law should be repealed, we are changing the course of history , launched the President for all AKI, Ludovine the Rochere. There is still time to act. The lines move, authorized voices against the GPA “. The strong statements of Manuel Valls, who said Friday in The Cross that France does not automatically recognize children born by surrogacy abroad are taken as an encouraging sign. ‘Dear Prime Minister, put your actions match your words! “ says Ms. de la Rochere.

A little after the end of the parade, the openings come from the other side. In the program “C policy,” Xavier Bertrand deems necessary to hold a “consultation militant” in his party on the repeal of the Taubira law. As for Marine Le Pen, interviewed in “All political” , she argues that France must withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights.


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