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He fights to get his son born under X – Europe 1

He fights to get his son born under X – Europe 1

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When the fate of a child of a year and a half is played the court … The Court of Appeal of Rennes, Ille-et-Vilaine, examined Monday afternoon the case of a child born under X and claimed by her biological father. The High Court in Nantes, Loire-Atlantique, had sided with the parent last April. But since then, the General Council, which had supported the case of the child abandoned by entrusting it to an adoptive family, had appealed the decision

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A father in jail, a mother who gives birth in X This case is actually the story of a. father in prison and a mother who says nothing of her pregnancy. The couple separated and the mother decides to give birth anonymously, while hiding the birth father. But his release, the man discovers the existence of his son and wants to get custody. Problem: it is too late, the child was placed with a foster family. At trial, on 24 April, the High Court of Nantes had ordered the return of the child to his father. But the General Council of Loire-Atlantique had appealed that decision.

A hasty adoption On the side of the biological father, we say today against the steamroller an administration that does not want to retract. An administration that has placed the child up for adoption but who nevertheless knew he had a biological father, we are assured of the defense side of the latter.

“We believe that the placement for adoption (of the child, ie) was too hasty, “said Pierre Verdier, a lawyer and father who is also president of the” Coordination of actions for the right understanding of the origins ” militating against the secrecy which deliveries under X. “He has the interest of the child to know its origins there, know that he has a father who did not give up, which has continued to demand since before she was born, “said Pauline Loirat me, the other lawyer father

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An absent father since the judgment But the question of the attitude of this man since. judgment in his favor now arises. The latter has in fact never asked to see his child, did not take from him, nor even asked for a picture of her now 20 month old son. Yet he posts pictures of another child on Facebook.

A change of focus as new abandonment In addition to these facts, it is also still the best interests of the child. Time has passed since its adoption. Counsel for the General Council of Loire-Atlantique, Jean-Christophe Boyer, stressed that the biological father had been slow to make its intent vis-à-vis the child, merely a first step to request suspension simple adoption process.

“If he had asked, claimed her child (born April 2013) earlier, he would have been” assured the lawyer. Today, the child has been adopted for almost 18 months by those he already called Mom and Dad. Three expert opinions suggest that it would be catastrophic for the child to move house, and that such a situation would take the second drop.

The Advocate General requires surrender of child. Monday at the hearing, Advocate General, however, required the return of the child to the biological father. The decision was taken under advisement to 25 November. The child will then have one more month.


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