Monday, October 13, 2014

Reforming unemployment insurance, really? – La Voix du Nord

Reforming unemployment insurance, really? – La Voix du Nord

When unemployment is at its highest, the timing is wrong to question the pitch and duration of compensation. Manuel Valls and Emmanuel Macron are well aware, this does not prevent them from coming alternately shake the “totem”, the Minister of Economy aggravating his case by releasing its small bomb Sunday, the same day that the Socialist Party standing board!

And what think Francois Hollande? Since services have reread the interview before publication minister JDD , we must believe that they have not jumped on this reading. To extinguish the fire, the Elysee said yesterday morning that trading on unemployment insurance and its chronic deficit “ will come in due course ” but “ not immediately “…

present Convention until 2016

curious formulation that leaves the question of what is supposed to come soon: maintaining the status quo desired by the Socialist Party? Or rather painful revision compensation conditions mentioned by Manuel Valls and Emmanuel Macron? You still have to remember that unemployment compensation scheme is managed by the social partners, employers and unions, and that the current agreement runs through 2016 with some early shots of the plane that will save the regime 2 billion euros . To clear the accumulated deficit of UNEDIC, it would take ten times more. But then, the unions’ reformist ‘, CFDT, CFTC and CGC signed the current agreement, say’ stop . ”

If the negotiation fails, the government still has the power to take control and “take responsibility” as they say in these cases. The last to have made use of this power was Peter Bérégovoy, there thirty years, with a drop compensation which cost very expensive electorally PS power. An executive unpopular it may embark on a reform as explosive, he comes from the environmental tax back on the first threat of dam? The support of a Nobel Prize denouncing the rigidity of the labor market in France will not be enough …


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