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GPA: Manif for all she plays to be afraid? – Le Nouvel Observateur

GPA: Manif for all she plays to be afraid? – Le Nouvel Observateur

This was the spearhead of the advocates of “AKI for all”, which took place Sunday, October 5: fight, at all costs, against the legalization of surrogacy (GPA), this practice for couples who can not have children (heterosexual or homosexual couples couples) to carry their child by another woman, paid or unpaid. As if the government had left guessing. What about his intentions? If things are not clear to you, here are some benchmarks

# Allow GPA in France. No

The number of births estimated 200 annually in GPA Couple French, although this practice is prohibited by Article 16-7 of the Civil Code. Neither the couple nor the surrogate mother will incur criminal penalties. Intermediaries are themselves punished by six months in prison.

Francois Hollande has always been opposed to any legalization of CGA. While he was in favor of the GPA in 2011 Manuel Valls reiterated that the government strictly opposed to this practice, Friday, Oct. 3 in “The Cross”:

This is an intolerable practice of marketing people and commodification of women’s bodies. “

# Recognize the identity of children born GPA: waiting

Taubira circular of February 2013, which requires courts to issue certificates of French nationality to children born by surrogacy abroad, opens theoretically possible for these children to obtain identity French

This circular has sparked an outcry among advocates of “AKI for all” papers. who oppose it outright.

Since then, several claims have been filed against the text. They put nt highlight the issue of fraud law , blaming the circular to “give effect to these rights in French established abroad situations.”

President and co-founder of the Association of Parent Families (AFHP) denounces “a suspension of the circular until the judgment of the Board of State. ”

In fact, the implementation of the circular is not operative, “says Alexander Urwicz, p resident and AFHP, the” Nouvel Observateur . “

# recognize the filiation so, against heart

We have close to 2,000 children currently living in France and born of GPA without pedigree established and recognized “said Alexander Urwicz.

In early summer, the pressure is up a notch. On June 26, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has condemned France for its refusal to recognize the paternity of children born to a surrogate mother abroad, saying that no official affiliation “undermines their identity within society.”

But the government did not appeal this decision, while many voices, both right and left, the demanded . This silence was interpreted as an implicit recognition of the GPA, especially for fans of the “AKI for all”, but not only.

A petition written by the philosopher Sylviane Agacinski gathered in July 8,000 signatories from all backgrounds, including former politicians of the left, as Jacques Delors and Lionel Jospin.

The interests of the child being born a woman used like an animal for its procreative capacity, and to be “given” or rather sold at birth? This design seems unworthy of a Court that defends human rights “, said Sylviane Agacinski.

Michel Sapin acknowledged Sunday October 5, when issuing “The Great Rendezvous” Europe 1 “The World” and i & gt; TV, that the government should stand behind the decision of the ECHR <. / p>

When this happens, it must be treated humanely, “conceded the finance minister.

For the judgment of the ECHR is required well in France . For the couples involved, so justice will rule in the sense intended by the ECHR.

Manuel Valls also announced the launch of an “international initiative” so that countries that allow the GPA the not accorded to nationals of those who prohibit

# Instead parentage, tutoring. why not

Hopes opponents turn to the adoption by the government an alternative to the transcript of the descent to civil status.

Sylviane Agacinski suggested a “strengthening of parental authority” for the “intended parents,” which could be recognized as legal guardians. Secretary of State for the Family, Laurence Rossignol, did not deny working on the option of tutoring

# Instead parentage prison. Non

UMP deputy Jean Leonetti calls him, prison sentences for people who use the GPA.

This is not an effective response, “Manuel Valls ruled Friday

Julia Mourri -. Nouvel Observateur


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