Monday, October 13, 2014

Macron and unemployment insurance: the “funny game” Holland – Le Nouvel Observateur

Macron and unemployment insurance: the "funny game" Holland – Le Nouvel Observateur

The executive faces new troubles: Emmanuel Macron has caused amazement at PS requesting a reform of unemployment insurance, while the last ally of the majority, the Radical Left Party, s is actually threatening. Editorials in the daily press esteem, Monday, Oct. 13, that this new case proves that the executive is in full “disarray.”

“Southwest”, Bruno Dive believes that “the essential debate is not even there.” “It is in this growing misunderstanding that goes between the Socialist Party and the government that is supposed to support. It is in this gap every day more yawning gap between a left” social-liberal “and a radical left who does not want hear about the smaller decline of the social gains “points columnist.

Should accommodate mass unemployment, as we do for forty years, in order to preserve our famous’ model social? Or should introduce more flexibility, challenge some gains, hoping to eradicate this social cancer that is unemployment? It is the merit of Emmanuel Macron after Manuel Valls, to ask the question. But the two men have still time and the means to go through with their ideas?

The “ clash of ancient and modern”

“Telegram”, Christine Clerc argued that Hollande “ Manuel Valls chose to drive at Matignon reformist politics.” “He then chose to Bercy Emmanuel Macron , the darling of Jacques Attali. Valls But that evokes the reform of unemployment insurance, and the President him straight. Macron declares to ‘unlock’ the economy by reforming our social system, and the owner of PS, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis The fixes. “

Funny Game! How long left hand from Holland wants she ignore what his right hand? “

Michel Urvoy of” Ouest-France ” The “PS and government left are faced with their old divisions.” “In the clash of ancient and modern, others consider décorseter the labor code would amount to an unnecessary gifts to patrons.”

This new case electrifies a little bit already a climate conducive to a vote of two major texts that are the State Budget and Social Security. disarray It reflects the executive, damaging confidence . makes it a little more minority parliamentary majority. It will be long, Act II of the five-year period. “

” The banker will jump. It is written. ” For Yann Marec of “Midi Libre”, “Emmanuel Macron has signed his political death warrant by going beyond the yellow line as the presiding officer of the Republic. “

We do not touch a dogma even if it costs us more than four billion per year. This Sunday mini-crisis shows how this government is hanging by a thread. Fear the roar of the street is stronger than all the beautiful reformist intentions. This is not the Languedoc which was to be placed on red alert, but the France! “

” If the PRG feels allowed to give such an ultimatum and François Hollande Manuel Valls, “said To Pascal Coquis ” Latest News from Alsace “,” is that the weakness of the executive so authorizes. The party of Jean-Michel Baylet today is the last remaining ally in the Socialist Party and that gives it the power to terrible nuisance. The Prime Minister has only a relative majority in the National Assembly. “


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