Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Strasbourg: they said to train for jihad with fake weapons … – TF1

Strasbourg: they said to train for jihad with fake weapons … – TF1

The scene seemed surreal. Monday, around 18h, the inhabitants of the street Rieth Strasbourg have witnessed scenes of drives between Islamists, reports RTL.fr. According to their story told by the radio, the men were training with bare hands and with dummy rifles. Local residents alerted the police station nearby.

Police Strasbourg has controlled in a park a group of people who claimed to “work out” jihad with imitation weapons, have confirmed Tuesday sources familiar with the matter. Following an appeal, the police intervened late in the day to check the identity of six or seven men “bearded jilbab” who engaged in exercises in a public park, said one of the sources. Upon arrival, officers were greeted with cries of “infidels” and checked the identity of six or seven participants, whose age was not specified. They were training with dummy weapons and told police “training in combat” to “name of jihad,” Has it said.

In the absence of crime characterized, none of them was taken into custody, a source evoking a simple “provocation.” But on Tuesday, one of the men was arrested and a case was opened against him for “disrespecting” said a source familiar with the matter. MYTF1News contacted by the police declined to disclose the matter.


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