Thursday, October 9, 2014

Holland rejected the idea of ​​a modulation of family allowances – The World

Holland rejected the idea of ​​a modulation of family allowances – The World

Modulate family benefits based on income, it is not. François Hollande pushed, Wednesday, Oct. 8, the idea, advanced by the Socialist deputies, while the bill funding the Social Security (Social Security Financing Bill) has been introduced by the Cabinet. The Head of State spoke to Milan after the conference on employment in Europe, a ‘principle’ that “was not selected” :

“The modulation of family allowances is not structural reform. It is simply a technique to save money, a principle which currently is under discussion and has not been retained. “

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The position was confirmed Thursday by the Minister of Social Affairs Marisol Touraine. “To say that we will reduce benefits those with the highest incomes, in principle, everyone agrees” , has she said on i-Tele . However, if she says “modulation allowances is a measure that has a very strong consistency” and that there will be a debate in the Assembly on this topic this is not the proposal that the government puts on the table.”


Tuesday, Socialist deputies had approved the The idea of ​​amending the PLFSS proposing that child benefit should be subject to a means test. It is a “position very majority” , stressed Bruno Le Roux, president of the PS group in the Assembly.

The first secretary of the PS, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis , also indicated on Sud Radio, that this modulation seemed “not abnormal” . The idea has however been rejected by the line, like François Fillon, sees a “attack against families’ . “Family benefits are not intended to help some at the expense of others, or to distinguish according to the situation of families,” , has written the former prime minister on his blog.

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