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The deputy mayor of Neuilly Ulcan called to “take care” of Peter … – Le Nouvel Observateur

The deputy mayor of Neuilly Ulcan called to "take care" of Peter … – Le Nouvel Observateur

Philippe Karsenty, deputy mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine, unlabeled elected on the list of IDU Jean-Christophe Fromantin, called this Monday, Oct. 13 on the Twitter hacker Ulcan to “take care” of Pierre Haski, co-founder of Rue89.

The dispute began when the journalist compares the methods of Gregory Chelli, French hacker -israélien extreme methods, about Philippe Karsenty, No. 2 of the town hall of Neuilly-sur-Seine. The latter is, since 2006, the war against Charles Enderlin, France 2 correspondent in Israel, which he accuses of manipulating a story in showing a Palestinian child, accompanied by his father, killed by gunfire the Israeli army. June 26, 2013 after a long legal saga, Karsenty was convicted of libel against Enderlin. Yet he continues to keep talking about him on his Facebook page. Pierre Haski, he is on the side of the defenders of Enderlin

“Come back soon to take care of him-).”

At first tweet posted around 8:30 am, Pierre Haski says Ulcan published on his Facebook page “misconceptions about my family who enjoy his fans crap.” Secondly, he noted that “they are the same arguments that were used by Philippe Karsenty when I commanded [Charles Enderlin].”

replica Karsenty Then, by calling Ulcan to “look after him” by appending a smiley makes a wink.

A particularly violent call when the harassment campaign waged against journalists Ulcan Rue89 known that Pierre Haski extensively detailed in a article .

The reason: a portrait of the hacker written by journalist Benoît Le Corre. Ulcan harassed by the father of journalist succumbed to a heart attack . “Adding to the indignity horror Ulcan Benedict called the day of the announcement of his death to mock him, then putting the online registration. And the evening funeral Thierry Le Corre, [.. .] it still left a message of insults and threats on cell Benedict “describes Pierre Haski.

” Young people who are jihad, they Rue89 went through “

However, Philippe Karsenty assumes his remarks. “It was Pierre Haski insulting me constantly on Rue89. I always wondered rejoinders they have never given me. I even threats Pierre Haski, is what I should make any noise? “ he explains to Lab Europe 1 . “All these young people who will do jihad, they are first passed through the media as Rue89 who explained how the West was wicked. Thing led to another, they went elsewhere,” he added .

O by “Le Nouvel Observateur”, Pierre Haski judge exchange “pitiful and pathetic.” “Firstly because Philippe Karsenty ment: he pretends not to see what I mean when he wrote to me in 2011 to apologize then because its response Ulcan even with a smiley, is staggering. , especially from an elected “.

The mayor of Neuilly distanced but not condemning

A few hours after this exchange, the town hall of Neuilly-sur -Seine sent a statement to “clarify that the comments made today on Twitter by Philippe Karsenty are his own and in no case the mayor or a majority Municipal. ” “He also requested him to remove on social networks any reference to his duties as an elected official of the City of Neuilly, which does not have to be involved in these matters of a personal nature,” yet says the town hall.

Now, bio Karsenty on Twitter simply shows “fighter for truth,” without reference to the town hall of Neuilly. But Pierre Haski, the response of the City of Neuilly is “more than zero”:

City hall does not respond on the merits of the case. That is like saying ‘courage flee,’ “he says.

” I was disturbed by the similarity between Ulcan arguments and those of Philippe Karsenty Pierre Haski resumes. It also uses to attack my family. He tweeted that my father left me, this is bullshit. To believe that one can not have opinions contrary to their unless you have suffered a childhood trauma. It’s psychoanalysis supermarket. “

On Twitter, co-founder of Rue89 concludes that Philippe Karsenty is a” sick man. “

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