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VIDEOS. Aubry: “I do not want to be a remedy, I just want … – Le Parisien

VIDEOS. Aubry: "I do not want to be a remedy, I just want … – Le Parisien

<- Hard dé e: 0.01887583732605 sec -> A verbal and live, it is more difficult to say disagreement as surely and written. Especially after the stolen wood sent Sunday. In the wake of his criticism of the policy guidelines of the President of the Republic, Martine Aubry was less rebellious – she does not like the word – on France Inter this morning.
<- hard dé e: 0.00047588348388672 sec -> “I say ‘this is how to be useful,’” that’s all, swears the mayor of Lille, which ensures not want to pose as recourse or dream Matignon.

This Monday morning, Martine Aubry softens the tone. “I’ve done everything (sic) François Hollande wins the presidential,” said she started with a curious slip. Forgetting the proposition “that” it helped to hear: “I did everything for Francois Hollande,” a phrase that had to cough the president whose enmity for Aubry is strong and reciprocal. “And then I want him to succeed,” she has said.

Let’s understands, the former boss of the PS wants to help by discussing: “Today, we reduce the deficit without growth we can not get there. I speak of strength, I do not question the government’s economic policy, “she says. “The issue of competitiveness is not substantially lower labor costs. The government has not targeted enough. ” Between 20 billion to businesses via the CICE (tax credit for competitiveness and employment) and the 20 billion programmed in the pact of responsibility, Aubry believes that there is a fine totaling 40 billion for businesses provided “better targeted” by helping “industry, ETI, SMEs are struggling to be competitive, which do research and innovation. Banking, insurance, retail, no. “

” Aubry favors the research tax credit CICE. Gone are the old recipes, that’s it, “irritated Rémi Branco on Twitter, the executive assistant to the Minister of Agriculture and government spokesman Stephane Le Foll.

“Manuel Valls was a good minister of the Interior”

“Manuel Valls was a good minister of the Interior now he must accept debate. It has everything in hand, “she said later to a listener. “Sometimes it lacks a little tool,” she said, or “sense.” “It is about education, it’s about family policy, says Aubry, who says he is yet refuse to do a mid-term, but why not talk sense (Editor’s note = measures that are taken) rather than money “asked the former Minister of Social Affairs.

The deputy PS Nièvre Christian Paul, one of the chief slingers with former collaborator Aubry Jean-Marc Germain, quickly expressed his excitement on Twitter. “The only thought is no longer thought. In a great democracy, everyone has a duty to offer. “

” Yes, the government has taken the lead on debt and my only question now, it is important it is a dosage problem, “said she reiterated this morning lunci. On Sunday, the former candidate for the Socialist candidacy (43% in the second round of the Socialist primary) showed much more emphatic in his remarks. We must, she proclaimed, “take the right path in the next two years”

OUR QUESTION OF THE DAY:. Aubry she right to demand another policy Holland and Valls

Earlier on France Info, the boss of the deputies in the Assembly PS Bruno Le Roux called Aubry to look beyond the Socialist Party: “The future of PS lies in the future our country. So there can be no future without consideration of reality, including the European reality, “he said on RTL before answering a long” nooo “on whether Martine Aubry was a opposing the government.

In France Info, before flying to Germany, Finance Minister Michel Sapin that ‘there is (worth) more continue on course. It will not change, “Has he said. Whether the mayor of Lille would only candidate that debate idea minister close to François Hollande showed his skepticism: “How do you want me to comment ulterior motives” A small perfidy meet that of Aubry on Monday morning said that “many ministers are worried and are asking the same questions.”

VIDEO. Michel Sapin meets Aubry

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VIDEO. Editorial Parisien. After this short Martine Aubry


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