Saturday, October 11, 2014

Shale gas. Several rallies in Europe – West France

Shale gas. Several rallies in Europe – West France

Several rallies against shale gas took place today in France and Europe, on the occasion of the 3rd International Day against hydraulic fracturing, one method of extraction known “unconventional” hydrocarbons.

Against the agreement transatlantic free trade

Between 1300 and 4000 people marched in Paris. Several hundred to Narbonne and Auch in the Gers. Demonstrators usually coupled with that this fight against the proposed free trade agreement (Transatlantic Tafta in English) under negotiation.

“If the treaty passes Tafta , shale gas will be all over Europe “, said Julien Renault, the Collective citizen of Ile-de-France against oil and gas schiste.Un everywhere in France denounced the collective will industry to obtain permits research that could, they say, lead to “unconventional” hydrocarbon exploration although the law prohibits hydraulic fracturing since 2011.


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