Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bobigny Mayor UDI waives 1581 euros for unemployment benefits – MetroNews

Bobigny Mayor UDI waives 1581 euros for unemployment benefits – MetroNews

lost a job center unemployed. Not just any it comes to Stéphane Paoli Mayor UDI Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis). Pinned by the weekly Marianne in its latest issue to have accumulated since the last municipal allocations of March Pole Employment and Benefits elected Stéphane Paoli said Saturday in a statement that he had up to touch his unemployment.

The statement said Stéphane Paoli decided “in the month of September (…) not to renew his registration job center.” The mayor of the capital of Seine-Saint-Denis, 47 000 inhabitants, which affects 4500 euros per month elected allowances – the legal maximum severance édile- first, “therefore longer on the lists of jobseekers seeking compensation. ” He touched until 1581 euros per month for unemployment benefits, according to the mayor’s office while Marianne evoked 1851 euros a month, by mistake, the source said.

A combination not prohibit

The centrist elected a former foreman in the construction industry that toppled the communist stronghold historically, says he was “fired” from his previous job at the beginning of the election campaign. The dismissal was “unrelated to politics,” according to his office, which was however not able to specify the exact reason. So he had opened his rights to unemployment benefits.

The accumulated benefits paid by unemployment insurance and those paid to local officials is destroyed. But like any unemployed, a mayor can be removed lists job center if it is not “positive and repeated acts in order to find” a job. While François Rebsamen relaunched in early September debate on strengthening the control of the unemployed, the revelations of Marianne fall at the wrong time for the mayor of Bobigny …

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