Monday, October 6, 2014

Demonstration for all: 70,000 people in Paris according to police, 500,000 … – TF1

Demonstration for all: 70,000 people in Paris according to police, 500,000 … – TF1

Between 70,000 and 500,000 people marched Sunday in Paris to call the group of AKI for all. This mobilization roughly similar (slightly lower) than the previous gathering in Paris in February.

“No surrogate mothers”, “Protect the Family,” “Holland, thy law we do not want”, “The woman is not a machine for babies” “Every three days, a baby GPA is imported in France” … the slogans focused on the GPA and the family policy rather than the Wedding homosexual now voted.

In the ranks of the protesters, several delegations from the right made the trip. Among them, the presidential candidate of the UMP Hervé Mariton and MP Laurent Wauquiez but also a large delegation from the National Front.

In Bordeaux, where one second event was planned, we are talking about 30,000 protesters on the side of the collective and 7500 according to police.

In February, while a previous event on behalf of Manif all took place in response to the Taubira law allowing same-sex marriage, organizers announced same turnout. Police she had been approximately 80,000 participants.

The divide between the elected government and right
in sight this time, a family policy found adrift by the representatives of the collective. According Ludovine de la Rochere, president of AKI for all: “Deconstruction current family policy is disastrous, this deconstruction is accelerating.” Asked directly by LCI, the latter welcomed the success in terms of participation, the event. Taking figures from a recent survey, she says that nearly one third of French (or in his words “20 million people”) would feel concerned by the ideas of the AKI group for all. It adds interest to justify the current debate, that “many French still do not know [that pregnancies for others] are orphans of father or mother.”

The group is pleased that Manuel Valls “have heard the French people” and reviewed its position in the GPA. she has added, “Now we have to go from words to actions.” Relying on the support of the political right and the extreme right, the Ludovine Rochere implies that the Taubira law should be repealed. Provided she notes that some figures such Nicolas Sarkozy, have not yet spoken on the subject. So the debate continues from the point of view of AKI for all.

Representatives from the right and far-right very present
In the procession, there will overview MEP Michèle Alliot-Marie, the former vice president of the UMP Laurent Wauquiez. According to him, it is “difficult to raise raising her children in France, because the government makes money on the backs of families.” UMP Hervé Mariton and Philippe Gosselin were also present. For the first, “Valls accept [the GPA] so hypocritical when it is done abroad, saying it takes decisions on a case by case basis. But a bad decision on a case by case basis, it does not good policy. ” In the second, we must say “no to the commodification of the body, [...] not a child at all costs.” Guillaume Peltier, former vice president of the UMP, meanwhile, said: “Every child deserves a mother and a father.”

Ni Francois Fillon, Nicolas Sarkozy nor nor Alain Juppe had however made the trip.

Asked about LCI, Christine Boutin believes that “the Prime Minister now realizes that the situations generated by the Taubira law are not manageable.”

Finally, representatives of the extreme right also marched, including MP Marion Marechal-Le Pen and the Vice President FN, Louis Aliot . Both came to denounce the “commodification of the child.” Marine Le Pen on the other hand was not present.

Following his participation in the event, the candidate for the primary UMP Xavier Bertrand spoke on the show C Policy posted by France 5 . “I want a militant consultation on the repeal” of the law. He added: “I want the next president of the UMP is committed to organizing this consultation.”

The cons-side events
A Paris and Bordeaux, took place in parallel, two opposition rallies in AKI for all. Gironde, 400 protesters gathered in Victory Square for all, say “no hate speech in AKI for all,” says the regional branch of France Bleu.
In the capital, it is Republic Square, a few hundred opponents of the “antis” came together to support the rights of gay couples and celebrate the diversity of all families (“straight , same-sex, married or unmarried, single parents, large families, blended families, families of all faiths or atheists … “) following the call of the Association All Out. This organization has presented Thursday to the Secretary of State for the Family, Laurence Rossignol, a petition gathering more than 200,000 signatures “to support equality” of “all couples and all families.”


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