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Sketch of an unemployed in France – Le Monde

Sketch of an unemployed in France – Le Monde

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In August, more than 3.4 million people is unemployed were registered at employment center.

For the Minister of Economy, “it should not be any restrictions or posture. Unemployment insurance is a deficit of EUR 4 billion: what politician can be satisfied? “. An output tempered by the Elysee, which has indicated that negotiations on the reform of unemployment insurance “will [it] at the appropriate time,” and “Not immediately,” .

In August, there were 3,413,300 to be registered at employment center with no activity (Class A) in France. While job seekers are obviously found in a variety of situations, it is possible to sketch a typical profile from the data posted by the employment center:

26 With 108,800 unemployed, this is the age most represented among job seekers with no activity. Taking all of 25-30 years, they are 623 700 -. 17.9% of the unemployed category A in France

284 days This is the average duration of registration at employment center for the unemployed in France (including overseas). However, large disparities

rated according to age of the job seeker.

Most of the time compensated

All persons registered at employment center do not receive unemployment insurance. Must meet certain criteria, such as having worked at least four months during the last two years, or not to have resigned from his last job.

71% According to the latest figures released by UNEDIC, the association responsible for managing the UI, France and were 2,565,200 claimants compensated end of 2013 for a total of 3,629,600 unemployed with no activity . Or 70.6% of compensation rates.

Screenshot of the 2013 Annual Report Unédic.

Among the beneficiaries, we already found in 2013 an overrepresentation of 25-35 years. With more than 850,000 people, more than 33% of beneficiaries were in this age group.

In contrast, less than 20 years were the age group least represented, with 42,400 recipients. Over 60 years also remained underrepresented, with 180,000 people.

Rather a man

The latest figures show that 52% of unemployed with no activity are men. A feature that is already found in 2013 on the part of recipients of unemployment insurance (52% men). In less than 20 years, only 33% of beneficiaries were women. This situation can be explained by the fact that young women are enrolled longer on average. The situation is reversed for the more than 60 years, where women found 53%.

Few graduate

UNEDIC notes if low levels of training seem to favor the risk of unemployment, the most educated are not immune. It also specifies that the 17.3% unemployed who left school before the tank, most are over 50 years

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post-term contract

The end of fixed-term contract is the main reason leading to unemployment compensation. Then there are redundancies (economic and otherwise) with 31%

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1062 euros According to latest figures published by UNEDIC (in 2011), this is the average amount collected the recipients of unemployment insurance at December 31, 2011 This represents 69% of their net wage.

Analysis: France does compensate the unemployed better than its neighbors



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