Friday, October 10, 2014

Budget: Ayrault demand more money for Nantes Valls and … – Le Parisien

Budget: Ayrault demand more money for Nantes Valls and … – Le Parisien

<- Hard dé e: 0.033122062683105 sec -> Jean-Marc Ayrault feels aggrieved. In a letter to Manuel Valls, who was mayor of Nantes leaves his reservation to denounce budgets, too limited in its view, attributed to the Pays-de-la-Loire and the city he led for more twenty years. He asked his successor as prime minister to review upwards the amounts allocated to “restore fairness with neighboring regions.”
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In the letter filed Wednesday with Matignon and which had access Presse Océan, the former prime minister told his successor to his “astonishment before weak envelopes allocated to Pays de la Loire “as part of the future project contract 2015-2020 State-Region.

Having regained member of Loire-Atlantique, he believes that his region, the” fifth French region in terms of population and GDP, “is” clearly a disadvantage compared to its neighbors. ” It “receives 96 euros against 145 euros per capita per capita Britain and 252 euros per capita for the Poitou-Charentes’ region of Ecology Minister Segolene Royal, he says.

“I could not stand idly by”

To reduce these inequalities, Jean-Marc Ayrault asks Manuel Valls to revise upward the amounts allocated to the Pays de la Loire “In order to restore fairness with neighboring regions.”

More broadly, the former mayor of Nantes expressed its even greater for teaching and research in general concern “, since all French regions have their endowments fall in this promising sector. ” In this regard, he points to the example of the Nantes area including the allocation for higher education and research fall, he said, 60%.

Jean-Marc Ayrault said he “could not stand idly by in a period where you have to go all out to boost public investment.”

Valls, “Ayrault knows we must reduce spending”
The government intends to “preserve the local government investment,” assured Manuel Valls, on the sidelines of the conference the association areas of France, held in Toulouse. “Jean-Marc Ayrault, like other politicians, knows that we need to reduce our public spending (…) At the same time, we have priorities and we want to preserve the investments of local communities,” he insured.

“I just reassure regional presidents on the envelope planning contracts between the state and the regions, including the Pays de la Loire, including universities, innovation and research,” sued the head of government. “We will be waiting for you and the president (of the region Pays de la Loire) Jacques Auxiette knows he can bring good news to Jean-Marc Ayrault,” said he said.

Valls, “Ayrault knows we must reduce spending”


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