Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weather: general mobilization in the Gard and Herault departments in … – Le Parisien

Weather: general mobilization in the Gard and Herault departments in … – Le Parisien

<- Hard dé e: 0.032956123352051 sec -> Red Alert in the Gard and Herault. The two departments of southeastern France are held in “red alert” by Météo France on Sunday morning at 6:00 because of a “rain-storm episode assets outstanding.”

In the same bulletin the morning, forecasters have kept the orange alert in the Ardeche and Lozere but downgraded to yellow Aude “with stormy rain and strong winds for today,” they note.
<- hard dé e: 0.020708084106445 sec ->

In the heart of the night from Saturday to Sunday, the weather deteriorated. The thunderstorms began to hit all the axis of the relief of the Hérault (Espinouse), “the intensities are of the order of several tens of millimeters per hour,” says Weather France. The Cevennes Gard and Lozère relief of the border begin to know these thunderstorms. The precipitation is expected for the first time in the late morning and in the afternoon throughout the region.

The forecasts are pessimistic: 100 to 200 mm of rain over a significant area of ​​the three departments-Gard Hérault Lozère and the order of 200-300 mm on an axis of the Cevennes (Espinouse Cévennes …), which is therefore in the light rain that had already fallen in the preceding days.

The first storms hit at 6:00 on the north of the Hérault, on the edge of the Tarn, Aveyron and Lozère. On the map of Lightningmaps which identifies lightning strikes identified by sensors, we see that the Cevennes chain is very active.

The precipitation radar in southern images show good pocket installed au above reliefs, whose water may then descend to the plains. Note the increasing intensity between 5:15 ET 7:00 Sunday morning.

“It rains a lot on areas of Bedarieux, Lodeve Ganges and Le Vigan. And it starts with a lot of wind in Sète, “warns a user on Twitter.

” We are always grounded arms, ready to weather the storm, “which is expected Sunday morning, summarized in AFP Commander William, the CODIS du Gard, which men have so far made no intervention. “We are in a waiting situation,” summarized Cathy Dannino, deputy chief in the communications department of the Regional Inter-prefecture region Languedoc-Roussillon.

“In total, more than 750 men with their equipment and vehicles working for the benefit of the affected joint,” with six helicopters civil security area on alert, said the prefect of the region south. The prefecture of the Hérault has activated its crisis unit and invites residents to prevent movement. Asked about France Bleu Hérault, Aude, a liberal nurse makes his rounds in the area of ​​Castelnau. “The wind rises and accelerates the movement of the clouds, it rains a bit, but for now it happens,” she was reassured.

On Saturday was relatively quiet, allowing men to rest and to be revised materials. In total in the Gard, since Thursday night, firefighters made over 640 interventions and more than 500 people were rescued, according to the Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve.

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