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Marseille: six months suspended sentence required against Guerin – Le Parisien

Marseille: six months suspended sentence required against Guerin – Le Parisien

<- Hard dé e: 0.021260023117065 sec -> The prosecutor asked for six months suspended sentence and one year of ineligibility required against Jean-Noel Guerini. Prosecuted for embezzlement of public funds, Senator and Chairman of the General Council of the Bouches-du-Rhone, former head of the local PS, finds himself in court for his first trial, which opened Monday morning in Marseille.
<- hard dé e: 0.00039291381835938 sec -> Arrived between his two lawyers, Dominique My Mattei and Herve Temime, Jean-Noel Guerini, gray suit, white shirt and dark tie, made no statement . Smiling and waving to reporters, he was accompanied by his wife, Martine Guerin, who sat behind him in dress as a lawyer.

Marseille criminal court must determine whether or not the 65 to 000 allowances paid to his ex-collaborator Jean-David Ciot in his dismissal in spring 2011, after nine years in the office of president of the council, a misuse of public funds. Jean-David Ciot, dark suit and tie, he is charged with “concealment of misappropriation of public funds.”

Justice suspects dismissal of convenience

The case, seen as secondary to his other court records, was triggered by an anonymous letter to the prosecutor of Marseilles, denouncing the “fictional character” of employment of John David Ciot . If they are convicted, even if the prosecutor requested a sentence well below the two parliamentarians could theoretically prison – 10 years for Jean-Noel Guerini – and the ineligibility

Justice suspects. dismissal of complacency, resignation arranged to allow Jean-David Ciot to stand for parliamentary elections in 2012, strongly deny that the two men. Jean-David argues that the dismissal Ciot decided otherwise without notice period was imposed. The date of termination, May 26, 2011, less than two months after the renewal of his contract of Staff, spoke on April 5, intrigue in every case the investigators. Chair of the 6th bedroom, Christine Mee, has also summarized the terms of his recruitment and his start to the hearing.

In July of the same year, Jean-David had succeeded Ciot Jean-Noel Guerini at the head of the federation PS then won in 2012 against the legislative UMP MP outgoing Maryse Joissains. For Dominique Mattei, counsel for Mr. Guerin, this “case is not a criminal case. This is an issue where you can review the terms of dismissal, “he has said. The lawyer “would hope that the criminal court will deliver outright acquittal” of his client. For a source familiar with the matter, however, this is indeed a scam at the expense of the general council to allow Jean-David Ciot to pay his campaign and leave office at least six months before the parliamentary as required by law.

VIDEO. Jean-Noel Guerini again in court for embezzlement

Other ongoing legal cases …

Jean-Noel. Guerin was also indicted, including bribery and conspiracy, in several cases of alleged procurement fraud, just like his brother Alexander, who was suspected of being associated with environment. These other cases are still under investigation. “I wonder to know why, when we have investigated hundreds of records relating to the general council was exhumed just that folder then to move it to the audience quickly. We could go up 150 cases of the general council and invite Mr. Guerin 150 times to come, “says Mr. Mattei.

And he said,” in many cases, it is the suspicion that led the investigation “by the judge who heard Charles Duchaine all files before changing functions in summer 2014 At odds with the PS since his legal troubles, Jean-Noel Guerini, who had led the powerful federation of the Bouches-du-Rhone, beat her exclusion in April by quitting the party to found his stride in the political movement, “The Force.” 13

Re-elected Senator in late September after working at the victory of the UMP Jean-Claude Gaudin for mayor of Marseille against his former socialist friends who accused him of “cronyism”, Jean-Noel Guerini managed to bring two of his relatives in the Upper House when his former party has saved only one of its five seats. This victory for the Senate already positioned as a formidable opponent to the departmental elections in March 2015 even accused Mr. Guerin may be present if there appealed.


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