Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Weather: 300 refugees in gyms … – Le Parisien

Weather: 300 refugees in gyms … – Le Parisien

<- Hard dé e: 0.025979995727539 sec -> 250 to 300 people took refuge in gyms north of Montpellier, due to severe storms and flooding on the night of Monday to Tuesday in the Herault. Meteo France placed the department in amber alert, as Var Gard Monday night, and maintains some of the warning on Tuesday morning.
<- hard dé e: 0.028932809829712 sec -> A reason as firefighters made nearly 140 made safe, including a score by helicopter, to people in need, primarily in the areas of Grabels and juvignac where heavy accumulations of water have been observed over an area of ​​several square kilometers. Thirty roads remain cut Tuesday morning.

The prefecture of the Hérault has established a cell flood crisis. Tuesday morning at 6:00, Météo France has maintained the state of orange alert for the three departments for storms in the Gard and the Var.

Hérault, Lez, the river that runs through Montpellier, happened in vigilance orange flood. This stage is reached when there is a risk of “large spills could have a significant impact on community life and the safety of property and people.” Due to heavy rain, Lez reached the same level as last week in Montpellier, when fell within hours the equivalent of six months of rain. It seemed to begin its decline Tuesday at 5:00 in front of the hotel area, according to the finding of an AFP photographer. “The neighborhood has suffered Malbosc, several vehicles submerged under water,” one resident alert on Twitter.

VIDEOS. In the streets of Montpellier, scenes too views

Lez seems under control at 5:00. Mosson, who was also monitored especially at night, began its decline.

In the Gard, the CODIS 30 had nothing to report in relation to the weather. “In the Gard, in the last hours, on an axis from Quissac in Ales, the total rainfall reached 100 to 150 mm. These heavy rains still maintain, “says Weather France, which states that from 60 to 80 mm of rain are still expected. Var should be touched in the morning on Tuesday. Heavy rain storms that beset the coast will gradually move over the southern department. 50 mm of rain expected to fall in an hour.

Var Gard and Herault experienced several episodes of intense rainfall in September. On the night of September 17 to 18, four people died in the flooding of a camping Lamalou-les-Bains in Herault, and a fifth died in the Aveyron. Ten days later, on September 29, Montpellier and sixty other cities have found themselves under water, forcing 4,000 people to seek refuge in shelters for the night. This episode does fortunately neither dead nor injured.


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