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Gerard Bapt, “Modulation of family allowances based … – Les Echos

Gerard Bapt, "Modulation of family allowances based … – Les Echos

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The deficit Social Security will drop to 13.20 billion with a year late on the program in 2015 is it enough?

Bill funding Social Security is in under the auspices extremely constrained because inflation expectations and growth in June was denied three months later. We suffer from the deteriorated economic situation in France as in the rest of Europe. In addition, we are forced by soaring prices of some innovative medicines. However, this is not a bill of austerity. Health spending will rise by a further € 4.8 billion in 2015: it’s not Greece or Spain, which closed hospitals and licensed physicians. Similarly, social benefits for families increased by 2 billion between 2012 and 2014, out of plane crib. In 2015, despite € 700 million in savings, spending on direct social benefits will increase by approximately EUR 300 million. All schemes, 56 billion family benefits will be served. Overall spending is not reduced, on the contrary increased to cope with the new challenges posed by aging, the development of chronic diseases, technological change …

Want -you introduce a modulation of family allowances with income

The debate is ongoing. It is a choice that I defended it two years ago, but had been rejected after consultation with family associations and unions. The consideration was very clear: reducing the family quotient, with the statement that it would not affect the universality and uniqueness of family allowances. In addition, modulation of allocations by income poses several problems. At what level do you get a return sufficient to compensate for the loss of the other measures? The government built its bill over time, with multi-year savings which amount will be well over 700 million futures. Only the baby bonus is consistent performance, and should generate 250 million euros from 2015, however, the parental leave reform gradually ramping up 70 million the first year, 290 million in 2017 but this same for the creation of a fourth installment of recipients of the additional type of care, which rose from 20 to 85 million euros, and the sliding of the increase in family allowances from 14 years to 16 years, because only the flow of new entrants is concerned. It is not affected grandfathering

The insurance costs are likely to be packed with new innovative medicines, what do we do for them counter

I think we can applaud the action taken to prevent the soaring price of Sovaldi this drug against hepatitis C which is very expensive, but that will not fail patients whose condition warrants. This is in addition to the L rate reform, which allows the collection of a tax when drug manufacturers above certain volumes, and the earlier decision to replace Lucentis Avastin cheaper for the treatment of macular degeneration or applying prior agreement of the anti-diabetic Crestor.

The project demonstrates a proactive on drug expenditure, but also on the hospital management, the relevance of acts with new powers given to regional health agencies to watch over cost control.

Will you give a boost to individual employers to repair the “forgetting” of the government, which had promised to double the allowance they receive

This would be a continuation of the initiative I had taken at the vote PLFSS correction, which was limited, but was censored by the Constitutional Council for due form. For now, I do not have the approval of the Ministry of Finance to re-introduce a provision to the same effect. The budget constraint is very strong. The problem is that you have reason to constant spending and find new savings! Only an increase in the price of tobacco could bring a new recipe, while the tax that I obtained last year on energy drinks was almost gutted when Red Bull changed the caffeine content of its products.

Electronic cigarette Could be taxed, for example

Currently, the control plan against smoking Marisol Touraine, it is expected to ban the sale to minors and to prohibit the use in some public places. We discuss again presumably when he discussed the price of tobacco. But the electronic cigarette is an ambivalent topic. On the one hand it serves to weaning, on the other hand it can be a gateway to the cigarette holder for youth.


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