Saturday, October 29, 2016

A man shot by police in Echirolles, the IGPN input – The Express

Five police officers from the Brigade anti-crime), and section of intervention have been placed this Saturday in police custody after having gunned down a frantic, Echirolles, early Friday evening. Their custody was lifted around 14 hours on Saturday. The victim, a resident of the commune of Isere, 51 years old, was hit by five bullets.

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“We heard the testimony of the police officers. The investigation in fragrance for voluntary manslaughter will continue to determine if there is a legitimate defence,” said the prosecutor in Grenoble, Jean-Yves Coquillat. The magistrate, who seized the general Inspectorate of the national police (IGPN) and the judicial police said wanted to “conduct an objective investigation, regardless of the current controversy”.

The victim would have pulled out a weapon from behind his back”

According to the first elements of the investigation, two teams of public safety would be made Friday night while a man, presumably drunk, was threatening a neighbor with a machete after an altercation.

“Excited”, the man in his fifties, it seems, under the influence of alcohol, allegedly threatened police with a machete, then with a “weapon output from behind his back”, according to the prosecutor of the Republic of Grenoble.

“The five police officers in columns behind two shields ballistic then made a fire with a assault rifle HK G36 and at least one automatic pistol, each of which was equipped”, he added. The man collapsed, suffering from “multiple projectiles in the chest and in the head,” and an autopsy was ordered to determine the trajectory” of the bullets.

The weapon aloft by the fifty-year-old in front of police has been found. It is a “signal pistol with a small canon little visible”, which has been sent for expertise to the scientific police. In addition to the autopsy, “ballistic tests” and “toxicology” on the victim will also be conducted.

The victim’s wife has denounced “a burr”

At the microphone of RTL, this Saturday morning, the wife of the victim, who was the father of four children, announced that she was going to file a complaint. “For me, this is a big blunder. You realize, five balls! They would have been able to hurt him, instead of killing it directly”, she fulminé. Corine does “not believe” that her husband was equipped with a firearm: “I know what he has in me. They have believed to see. It can be used with if and then…”

the son of The aged man, when asked by The Dauphiné Libéré, confirmed that his father, who was going to be grand-father, was a man of quiet. “My father was a good father of a family. A man without stories, who had no history of judiciary”, he points out.


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