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Migrants: the evacuation of the Calais “Jungle” has begun – The Point

The dismantling of the Calais “Jungle” has started on Monday to 06: 00, marking the start of this huge and complex operation of the evacuation of thousands of migrants, who will join coach reception centres throughout France.

One hundred Sudanese and Eritreans, men, mainly, were presented with suitcases and backpacks in front of the hangar serving as headquarters for the operation is presented as “humanitarian” by the government. In total, 6,000 to 8,000 migrants, need to be transported by car in specific reception centres during the whole week.

The first candidate at the start are grouped under the streetlights illuminating the bike path while the sas giving access to the HEADQUARTERS was still closed.

Idriss, a Sudanese, arrived with a group of friends. It is still dark, he knows that the gates opened at 08: 00 but “it is better to wait for two hours in front of the building two days”, lance-t-il.

the leader, Bashir, another of the Sudan, tells of how he arrived here at 04: 00. He smiled in his hoody orange: “anywhere in France” will be better than the tents in the neighborhood of the community, tells the story of this young man 25 years of age.

Almost as numerous as the migrants, the journalists are waiting in front of the gates, filming the queue sideways.

A little way away, leaning against the railing of concrete that runs along the bike path, Mohammed, an Ethiopian, look at the queue forming with skepticism. “I am a minor, I want to go to the uk, the bus does not interest me,” he says, before making a half-turn towards the camp.

A dozen vans of CRS is increased slowly in front of the hangar.

at the entrance of the temporary accommodation Centre (CAP) alongside the “jungle”, a few hundred metres away, several hundred miners were waiting for a place. They are not affected by the evacuation and will be hosted in CAPE town, made up of containers, and in the centre Jules Ferry.

“I was told to come here at 08: 00 because I think we’re going to change the camp, we will have to go in containers, then we wait,” said Mufti, an Ethiopian 15 years with her suitcase.

This huge operation is presented as “humanitarian” by the government. It should allow to finish with the largest slum of France, born 18 months ago and inhabited by refugees for the majority of Afghanistan, the Sudan or Eritrea, with the dream to cross the English Channel to win the Great Britain.

In the evening, a few clashes sporadic occurred in the vicinity of the “Jungle”. Some 120 tear-gas grenades were fired, according to a police source.

“We have the confidence that everything is going well,” assured Sunday the préfète of the Pas-de-Calais Fabienne Buccio during a point-release.

- An organization millimétrée -

The device was thought to orient migrants, after an interview, depending on their personal situation. Men only, families, or vulnerable persons will be distributed among the 12 regions of france (excluding Corsica).

A ” real “bus station” has been set up to ensure the smooth flow of the operation, with 60 buses planned from the first day. “If we can direct 2,000 to 2,500 people Monday, this is very well,” said Didier Leschi, director general of the Ofii (French Office for immigration and integration).

The organization is millimétrée, since the location of the cars during the ride, the presence of constables on the areas of highway, up to the schedule of departures, the most remote locations being serviced in the evening for a night-time driving.

the willingness of The authorities is clear: the camp must disappear, and the operations of plowing will begin as soon as Tuesday.

The Afghans seemed to be Sunday, reluctant, or skeptical to the idea of dismantling.

“It will force us to leave. We want to go in Great Britain”, was responsible for one of them, Kharazi.

The dissenters were warned: they expose themselves to an interpellation at the end of the evacuation and placement in administrative detention centre.

In an interview with the Voice of the North, the minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve is shown serene: “We have a comprehensive strategy to prevent a fixation point is not to reform”.

The authorities recognize, however, that “it is a dangerous operation, which may escalate, with the need to involve the public force”, especially because of the possible presence of-globalization activists. Also of 1,250 police officers and gendarmes have been mobilised.

24/10/2016 07:40:57 – Calais (AFP) – © 2016 AFP


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