Saturday, October 22, 2016

Manuel Valls called on the left at the gathering in view of the presidential election – The World

The first minister pointed to the difficulty of the coming election, believing that the union of the left was crucial to the win in the second round.

With the first secretary of the PS Jean-Christophe Cambadelis, the prime minister recalled the importance of a meeting of the left in the perspective of the presidential election.

In a speech Saturday, October 22, at Tours, in front of activists, socialists, prime minister Manuel Valls has called for the left to come together, emphasizing the urgency of the union to be present in the second round of the presidential election.

” I demand to’arnaud (Montebourg), Emmanuel (Macron), Benedict (Hamon), Aurélie (Filippetti) : what is it that separates us ? “, is questioned Manuel Valls during his speech, nuances, and his analysis of it was eight months on the ” positions irreconcilable to the left “. the ” of course, I know our debates and disagreements, and it is necessary to assume “, he continued. the ” But what is it that brings us closer to first ? To have governed together in the interest of the country and share of fighting for equality (…) and values, those of the Republic “, he added.

” to React now in order not to die tomorrow “

The prime minister recalled the importance of a meeting of the left in the perspective of the presidential election, which promises to be very difficult. the ” The left is the only force capable of bringing together widely the French beyond the camps usual. This will be the challenge of the second round. We need to be there, nothing is acquired “, has he hammered. the ” We must react, react, react, to cease to suffer, to react now in order not to die tomorrow “, a-t-launched it.

Finally, as the trauma caused by the revelations of Francois Hollande published in the book ” A president should not say that… “ extends, Manuel Valls, has placed at the center of the game, while calling for the ” loyalty “. the ” My role is to bring together “, a-t-launched it.

He called on the activists to be ” proud of it. What we have done. And what we need to do for France and for the French. “

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