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Live : new night gatherings of police officers everywhere in France – The World

Wrath of the police officers : the executive tries to stem the ” Night of the standing of the police “

The movement of protest of the police, who did not fail, relaunching the debate on the effective and prompt in the presidential campaign. François Hollande has announced this night that it would receive their unions in the ” start of week “.

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Wrath of the police : the ” paw ” of the national Front ?

  • on Wednesday, the first secretary of the socialist Party (PS), Jean-Christophe Cambadélis has, of course, understood that parades at night police officers have been exploited by the FN
  • The Place Beauvau ensures that you have no evidence to affirm it. the ” This episode is first the expression of a malaise, provides the entourage of Mr. Cazeneuve. in The forces of law and order have never been under greater pressure, their missions became more and more difficult. The anger exists without the FN. “
  • The police officers present at these events refute such a manipulation
  • FN, ” remarks on the concern of the PS. the ” Not “paw” but unstinting support in the face of a power that clearly has hatred for the police “, said Florian Philippot, vice-president of the party frontiste
  • After all, more than half of the police and military say they want to vote for Marine Le Pen in the first round of the presidential election, according to a study by Cevipof, published in June. A petition of support has also been launched on the Internet by the FN. And the president addressed the police officers in a video message, to tell them of his support and their promise of additional funds in the case of the accession to the Elysée.

Wrath of the police : François Hollande, will receive the unions at the Elysee

president François Hollande has announced, at a press briefing at the end of the first day of an eu summit in Brussels on the night of Thursday 20 to Friday 21 October that he would meet with the police unions in ” early this week ” :

It is very important that we can give a perspective and an immediate response, and so that police officers know well that the government and the president of the Republic are in a process of dialogue.

In the framework of the current movement – which takes place outside the framework of trade union – Mr. Holland, has already reiterated on Wednesday its ” support “ to the police and called the ” dialog “ with their unions.

This will be the second time that the head of State received directly by the police unions since the beginning of his five-year term. In October 2015, already, after a demonstration organised by the trade unions in the Place Vendôme, the representatives of the forces of the order had been invited to the Elysée.

Wrath of the police : a new night of gatherings

gatherings of police officers have been held across France for the fourth night in a row. Nearly 500 police officers have gathered once again in the night from Thursday to Friday place du Trocadéro in Paris before leaving in procession wild to the Elysée palace and the ministry of the interior to continue to express their dissatisfaction.

The demonstrators chanted several times the Marseillaise and chanted, ” Police anger “, ” Cazeneuve, resignation “, ” Falcone resignation “, the name of the director-general of the national police (DGPN), Jean-Marc Falcone, before taking the direction of the Champs-Elysées by walking on the floor.

Some have waved placards on which one could read : ” fed up to take full mouth “, ” pissed “ or ” support our injured colleagues “.

Nearly 800 officials have also marched between place Bellecour and the Lyon city hall, some 400 to Melun, 120 in Evry, a hundred officers in Bobigny, Toulouse, Carcassonne and Bordeaux, fifty, Montpellier, Tarbes or even to Brest, as the relates the antenna of the local radio France Bleue.

What we need to remember the political events of Thursday :

  • Police. François Hollande announced on Friday that he would meet with the police unions in the “start of week” is next, trying to appease the grumbling, which continued last night with hundreds of demonstrators in Paris and in the region
  • Bruno Le Maire was the guest of the Emission policy yesterday evening on France 2. The candidate in the primary from the right has said that it was necessary to think about the muslim veil “in public spaces”
  • Nicolas Sarkozy has called on the allies centrist Alain Juppé, François Bayrou and Jean-Christophe Lagarde, to support the winner, even in case of defeat of the mayor of Bordeaux.
  • Petition. The member of parliament for Calvados has launched an online petition demanding the resignation of the minister of planning, Jean-Michel Baylet. The latter responded by announcing a filing of a complaint for defamation
  • Qatar. In Our very dear emirs, the journalists Georges Malbrunot and Christian Chesnot denounce the “drift” of the relationship between Qatar and political figures of all edges. The scrétaire of State in charge of relations with the Parliament and the ex-keeper of the seals Rachida Dati, named, have announced that they will lodge a complaint.

today we are going to spend a good part of the morning to the rumbles of the police officers who did not fail. But first, let’s take a glance in the rear view mirror and the main information of the day yesterday.

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