Sunday, October 23, 2016

Manuel Valls increasingly présidentiable – The Parisian

travelers in Tours, the Prime minister, while reiterating his loyalty to a president weakened, landed in rallying the left to 2017.

En opening Saturday in front of Manuel Valls and Jean-Christophe Cambadélis the meeting closing of the universities, commitment of the PS to Tours (Indre-et-Loire), the first federal secretary has set foot in the flat. “François Hollande can he still be a candidate in the primary ? I ask him to position itself very quickly in the coming days, to give the left the opportunity to organize to 2017 “, has launched by Francis Gerard. It is far from the time where the head of State was still entitled to the red carpet at the socialists. Since the release of the book “A president should not say that,” enormous turbulence shaking a PS on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Despite the strong counter currents that clashed with François Hollande, Manuel Valls refuses to say that he is the candidate. Still less to give the coup de grâce to a president more weakened than ever. Jean-Pierre Mignard, his friend always advised him in “Marianne” to renounce in order to avoid the ” humiliation “. After having first condemned the behavior of his boss, Valls has put the pedal soft. Tuesday, before the deputies of the PS, he tried to calm down overheated. “We can do shred “, he warned.

QUESTION OF the DAY. Presidential 2017 : Manuel Valls should he be a candidate for the place of François Holland ?

Yesterday, he was asked to ” defend the report “. Especially, it calls to “react quickly” and the gathering of the left, Arnaud Montebourg with Emmanuel Macron, passing by Benoît Hamon. “What is it that separates us ?” he asked in a speech to activists. To the one who asks-in-chief of the majority, the risk of seeing the left eliminated in the first round of the presidential election and the PS to blow up is real. Will he be heard by the other contenders to the leadership of the left in 2017 ?Has see. “My role is to bring together “, insists in any case, the Prime minister who wants to be lucid.

Manuel Valls knows that time is speeding up and that the president (who shall announce the beginning of December if it is a candidate or not) will find it difficult to keep to his schedule. So there is no need to push it to the wheel. The head of the government considers it preferable to stabilize the coupler socialist. While continuing to hold the reins of government.

in Front of the activists in Tours, Valls begins by denouncing ” those who play the hang of this, already thinking the kick after. “And then in a record he likes he says :” we should Be proud to have restored the authority of the State, proud to have straightened out our economy. “He also calls on his party to “the offensive” against a right that he accuses of wanting to ” undermine our social model “. Praising the public services, ” which is the backbone of our French model “, he defends the law Work that ” enhances the role of trade unions “.

With large keys, Valls continues to align to the left, as an indispensable condition to be able to prevail in the primary of the Belle Alliance. “The left is the only one capable of bringing together the French “, says he. Before dropping this sentence : “I will never let away my political family, I shall never let fall the left ! “. The message is clear : if Holland do not go there, Valls will go.


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