Monday, October 31, 2016

Paris: a part of the migrants ‘ camp of Stalingrad destroyed after a “control” – The Express

Saturday, Manuel Valls confirmed the imminence of the evacuation of the migrants ‘ camp which was established progressively at Stalingrad, in Paris. A massive operation control identification began on Monday, with the presence of dozens of CRS, without that “safe” has taken place.

Contacted by The Express, the prefecture of police of Paris is a state of”control of the administrative situation of migrants, as there are several times a week”.

“Germany has hosted a million refugees, we need to evacuate Calais, to deal with the question of Paris next week, with 2000 people who need to be put away and that right there is also the protection”, had pleaded with the Prime minister. Friday, the prefect of the region Ile-de-France, Jean-François Carenco, had already advanced the figure of 2,000 migrants, ensuring, just like the ministers Bernard Cazeneuve and Emmanuelle Cosse, that their arrival was not linked to the evacuation of Calais.


According to statements of the mayor of Paris and of the associations of migrant assistance, this operation of identity checks, would rather 3000 people. One thing is for sure, the tents igloo have multiplied, particularly since last Monday, the first day of the dismantling of the Calais “Jungle”, between the metro stations Stalingrad and Jaurès and the avenue de Flandres, in the Nineteenth arrondissement of the capital.

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control operations are regularly carried out, to allow it to make a specific point of the situation, before performing “the shelter” of migrants. Most of the occupants of these makeshift camps are of afghan, eritrean, sudanese, somali, syrian, or libyan. As evidenced by the pictures taken on the spot, the services of the State have destroyed some parts of the camp short-lived.

According to France Bleu, the CRS would have taken a few migrants, probably people already rejected their application for asylum, which could reach to the administrative detention centers (CRA).

when Questioned on this issue, the prefecture of police says that among the persons controlled, some could be without paper and placed in an ASC. This control has led to exchanges tense between refugees and the forces of order.

Some have returned to the outskirts of the paris metro with their tents, as soon as the checks are made.

The date of the evacuation of this camp last, with the third in less than six months to the 30th encampment of the same type at Stalingrad for more than two years, has not been specified by the prefecture of the Île-de-France this Monday morning.

A pre-camp humanitarian

Friday, the mayor of Paris was frantic with The Express of the situation of these migrants and had asked the government to take its responsibilities. The mayor, Anne Hidalgo, “their request for a shelter immediately all of these migrants, because the accommodation is one of the powers of the State, the city may not do much. Temperatures drop more and more of these health conditions are unworthy of the France”, said a member of his entourage.

It made clear that the evacuation and sheltering of migrants in the camp of Stalingrad was a precondition for the opening of the camp, humanitarian, seating 400, was announced in June by Anne Hidalgo.


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