Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sarkozy warns against a presidency powerless – The Figaro

travelers in Lorraine for a signing session and a meeting, Nicolas Sarkozy has seen his popularity on the field.

special envoy to Nancy and Marly

On the road to Nancy, Nicolas Sarkozy stops on the dock of the train for multiple selfies and other photos. “Fans of Juppé surely”, ironisent supporters of the ex-head of State to be pointed out that the popularity of their candidate remains intact on the ground. Their response to the new bad polls that place invariably Nicolas Sarkozy behind Alain Juppé.

on Tuesday, Nicolas Sarkozy was in Lorraine, for a signing session at Nancy, and a meeting at Marly, a small village of less than 10,000 inhabitants, in the agglomeration of Metz. To its exit of the TGV, the former president is warmly welcomed by Nadine Morano. The crowd is waiting for you, people will flock to see it and pay attention to those who would try to grill the tail. Nicolas Sarkozy remains convinced that the primary has nothing to do with a presidential election and that he must first speak to his electorate prior to expansion.

“I can’t conceive that it does not happen in the first round of the primary”

“I can’t conceive that it does not happen in the first round of the primary school” wants to believe David Douillet, at his side during the move, confident that the polls do not reflect the reality in which he lives. The former judoka in the queue of the sporting metaphor to hammer home his message. “To win the primary dopant to the voice of the left this is not fair”, slice-t-it. “When Alain Juppé will visit the “jungle” of Calais, we will see the Calaisiens, when he goes in the quartiers Nord in Marseille, we are going to see the police”, bounces another elected sarkozyste, convinced that the campaign strategy will bear its fruits.

“I refuse agreements politicians in your back with François Bayrou and the MoDem”

“When there is a candidate in the primary from the right, which is it better to convince? The right or the left?”, like to ask Nicolas Sarkozy to his hearers sure of its effect. Then, in a meeting, in front of a thousand people, the candidate pounds his message, confident that the support of François Bayrou Alain Juppé will lead to the defeat of the latter. “I refuse agreements politicians in your back with François Bayrou and the MoDem.” The public supports it warmly. “What will be the candidate elected in the primary if the evening of the second round he is in the hands of Mr. Bayrou?”, says Nicolas Sarkozy, convinced that the attack will be the effect of a fragmentation bomb among the electorate of the right. For him, “this is not a small debate. This is the discussion of the political line of the primary”.

Nicolas Sarkozy has not finished. “I want a primary… up to the loyalty. The loyalty that respects the beliefs, not the postures, and the combined machines”, will decide the candidate. “I will not be the candidate who would lead a political socialist who has failed. We had dinner of the presidency powerless”, sets out by installing the idea that Alain Juppé would be a new François Hollande. “When we are trying to get elected with the votes of the left, preparing to pursue a policy that will give the wages to the left.” The left-hand precisely, and the unpopularity of François Hollande. “How this five year period will he finish? It is quite worrying”, he says, questioning: “Where are the 4 % of French people satisfied?” In private, Nicolas Sarkozy remarked that even the president’s unpopular, it was “28 %”.


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