Thursday, October 20, 2016

New review for Patrick Balkany, for laundering of tax fraud, aggravated – The World

The co-investigating judges investigating his heritage have uncovered a new company registered in the Seychelles, home of the fruit of the sale in 2002 of a house that elected officials had not declared to the tax authorities.

The deputy mayor of Levallois-Perret, Patrick Balkany, January 12, at the Assembly.

New legal problems for Patrick Balkany. The deputy-mayor (Republican) of Levallois-Perret was again indicted in early October on suspicion of concealment of his assets to the tax authorities, via companies abroad, it was learnt on Thursday, October 20, sources close to the matter.

The 5 October, the judges who investigate its heritage and the put in the review, in particular for money laundering of corruption and tax fraud compounded ” character by the usual “, stated one of the sources.

” Nothing new “

During his hearing, Patrick Balkany was asked about the creation at the end of 2013 and while a survey the was already, a new company registered in the Seychelles, home of the fruit of the sale in 2002 of a house in Saint-Martin (Antilles), villa Serena, for an amount of approximately 2 million euros, explains the same source.

” My client does not know this structure “, replied the lawyer of Patrick Balkany, Gregory Lafarge. In the eyes of the council, ” there is nothing new about the things to reproach to my client, but he is alleged to be an aggravating circumstance, for more expense “.

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The series Balkany

On October 15, 2015, Patrick Balkany had been indicted for tax fraud : the judges, suspected of having, between April 2011 and January 2014, omitted a substantial part of his heritage. The elected, close to Nicolas Sarkozy, had already been indicted in 2014 for money laundering of tax fraud, corruption and money laundering, of corruption. His wife, Isabelle, was for laundering of tax fraud.

The couple is under investigation for money laundering of tax fraud in which the judges believe have particular hidden part of its assets to the tax authorities. Justice has seized as a precautionary measure several properties supposed to belong to him, as a villa in Marrakech, the proceeds from the sale of another house in Saint-Martin – la villa Grapefruit – and a property in Giverny.

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The couple has transformed the price of investment colossal Levallois-Perret, a former industrial suburb, in a city with amenities and upscale services. A policy favored by the inhabitants, but criticized by the enemies of the couple, who accuse him of cronyism.

at the age of 67, Patrick Balkany had been re-elected mayor of the city in the first round of the last municipal. He had, however, announced in June that he declined to be a candidate for the electoral district of Levallois-Clichy ” because of the law on the accumulation “ of the mandates, and it will never of its mandate of mayor of Levallois.

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