The attack took place on the town hall square. – Google Maps

In the town of Bourbach-le-Haut, Friday evening, a sexagenarian has been killed with a knife while he was in his motorhome, a-t-on learned Saturday from several sources.

The victim, who was with his wife in this village of the Vosges, alsatian, has been hit with knives by several individuals, who have taken flight, ” says a source close to the investigation.

According to the DNA, which reveals the case, the offenders have attempted to strip the couple of his credit cards and his money before giving the fatal blow. It is the companion of the sexagenarian, who has given the alert.

The man, a retired man of 63 years old from the Bas-Rhin, died despite the intervention of the fire brigade, explained the Centre operational departmental fire and rescue (Codis) of the Upper Rhine.

The campervan was parked on the spaces provided for this purpose in the village when the incident occurred.

The investigation, entrusted to the research section of Strasbourg, which continued Saturday to find the alleged assailants.

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