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In a bus of migrants of Calais in Cancale : “It’s like a dream that becomes reality” – The World

Our journalists are embedded with 49 men, mostly sudanese, who left Monday the “jungle” for the small town of the Emerald Coast, in the Ille-et-Vilaine.

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migrants aboard a bus in the direction of Cancale (Ille-et-Vilaine), on the 24th of October.

They passed through all the stages – queue for ” adults “, a choice of the region, plastic strap, red for Britain slipped to the wrist… – before embarking, on Monday, October 24, in one of the buses chartered by the State within the framework of the dismantling of the “jungle” of Calais (Pas-de-Calais) and go to one of the 450 centers welcome and orientation (CAO) spread over the French territory.

Has the question ” where are you going ? “, most of them say ” in Britain “, a quick smile to his lips, and rushed to deposit their meager baggage in the cargo hold of the bus before taking a seat in the vehicle, guided by two firefighters, volunteers to accompany them to their destination.


” Access to the portfolio

Forty-nine men only – mainly Sudanese, with two Eritreans and one Afghan – who have chosen Cancale, a small port of 5, 200 inhabitants in Ille-et-Vilaine, to spend at least three months to complete the formalities for an application for asylum in France.

the question ” where are you going ? “, the most meet the ” Britain “, a quick smile to his lips, and rushed to deposit their meager baggage in the cargo compartment before taking a seat in the vehicle, guided by two firefighters, who volunteered to accompany them to their destination.

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” This is a first for everyone ! “, launches one of them, Julien, while the bus has started and is already beyond the camp of the Moor on his left. Last eyes thrown to this place, they have wished to leave today, ” for a new life can be “, gliding Abdul (the name has been changed), 30 years, without daring to believe it.

These first few kilometres of the departure from Calais, on Monday afternoon, are enveloped in the mist, which highlights a little more blur in which these men reside, not knowing really where they are heading.

migrants flock to register and to get on a bus, on the 24th of October.

A single judgment, under the supervision of the force

Abdul comes from the Sudan, where he fled for reasons that he prefers to pass over in silence, because there is still the family, passing first to the border with Egypt. the ” Then I took a boat from Alexandria which we were 370, for thirteen days, “ before reaching the calabrian coast, Italy. the ” There, the police violentaient, he explains, we could not stay. “

He said, as a part of those interviewed in this bus, have never wanted to pass in the United Kingdom. ” But Calais is known of the refugees to be the place where we had a tent to sleep “, unlike Paris, where he would ” been in the street, “he says, too happy, however, to leave the “jungle” where he spent three months and did not feel safe.

If he is concerned about whether the municipality which will accomodate is not the opposite way : ” anyway, I had no choice. So I keep hope. “He started the paperwork for his asylum application and wish to finish them in Cancale.

An hour after departure, the bus was asleep, except for a few vigilant who keep stubbornly the rolling countryside unfolds to the windows. All are bundled up warmly in their jacket, parka, wool hat stuck on the head, the habits of the camp of the Moor, if hard-earned.

One stop is provided on a surface of a highway, under the supervision of the gendarmerie, and in which are distributed a few sandwiches, an apple and a bottle of water. “They are complete “, launches Margaret, the other fireman, at the time of leaving, ensuring that all the migrants are back on the bus.

Tomorrow ? “Sleep, rest “

Mafhuz, a jailed eritrean-born 22-year-old, fled his country in 2011, when he was forced to enlist in the army. Then it is the classic course : the Sudan, Libya, Italy, to finish in Switzerland where his asylum request was rejected. It is with a friend, ” it is better “.

Has a question about the future, he answers in French in a very correct, learned in Switzerland that it should just be ” wait what happen ” and “ have patience “. He spent only a week in the ” jungle “ horrible, he said.

The Mont-Saint-Michel lighted far away in the night attracts the eyes, before the final stop. There, a welcoming committee and welcome them : the prefect of Ille-et-Vilaine and Brittany, Christophe Mirmand, the mayor of Cancale, Pierre-Yves Mahieu (UDC), and the entire team of the association Coallia, the manager of the centre. the ” It is like a dream which becomes a reality for us, ” said Abdul. What they are going to do tomorrow ? the ” Sleep, rest. “

” Welcome to Cancale. “Calais seems so far away.


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