Saturday, October 22, 2016

The “Jungle” of Calais : evacuation outside the norm for slum giant – The Parisian

Migrants. A device without a precedent has been developed, in order to dismantle the “jungle” of Calais, which is home to 6 500 refugees. This delicate operation will begin Monday morning.

Un symbol. Friday, Fabienne Buccio, préfète of the Pas-de-Calais, took the order for evacuation of the “jungle” of Calais, whose hours are now numbered. The day before, the Interior had revealed the modalities of dismantling. While 6 500 people live in the camp, it is an operation without precedent that will begin Monday in the first hour. “It is a risk transaction, avance-t-on Place Beauvau. But it was our duty to do so. “

Rather than recalcitrant to the evacuation, the Interior is expected especially in the face of a massive influx of migrants demanding to leave as soon as Monday, and feared even the motion of the crowd. As the shelters in the “jungle” will be emptied of their occupants, they will be demolished. “Everything will be done in full transparency “, says one to the ministry, where it prevents that will present various observers, for example, representatives of the public Defender of rights or the High Commissioner for refugees (UNHCR).

A bus station temporary

Not far from the main entrance of the ” jungle “, a disused warehouse has been transformed into a bus station temporary. An airlock within which six tents, 50 places will be upright. That is, the same number of seats as each of the approximately 60 coaches that will leave from Calais on Monday to link the centres of welcome and orientation. “Communities or groups formed in the camp that want to go together will be respected,” promises in the entourage of Cazeneuve. The bus will be fitted with GPS tags. Their roadmaps have been defined, up to the judgments in technical areas of highways, where the forces of law and order will be pre-positioned. The rotations are scheduled throughout the week, more if necessary.

280 centres of welcome and orientation

They will open their doors as early as Monday in 84 departments. They add to the 164 existing that already host migrants and have seen some capacity increase. 7 500 places are available for the 6 500 migrants recorded. On average, each of these centres has 25 squares.

1 300 police officers deployed

They will first in order. Two hundred “no border” — globalization activists — arrived this week in the ” jungle “. France, England and other european countries, according to the authorities. A handle was turned a shelter located on a mound in the watchtower. “They have been displaced by the migrants “, said Gilles Debove, the police union Unité-SGP-FO. He also pointed out that during the dismantling of the southern area of the ” jungle “, ” shelters have been trapped with, for example, of the frames sawed to fall over when we opened the door of the housing. My colleagues are going to have to be very vigilant. “

Still questions that make people angry

The Interior has acceded to the wish of the public Defender of rights to keep the reception centre and 1,500 spaces in containers to house the unaccompanied minors. 1 300 were listed, and a fifty with ties in England have been transferred to it. Measures “inadequate and late” for the association Human Rights Watch. Remains finally the question of the ” neither-nor “, or can be integrated as persistent in wanting to join the England or deportable on account of their nationality.

VIDEO. The first unaccompanied minor to the “jungle” of Calais arrive London


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