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Holland, Royal, police, and the truths of Manuel Valls – The Point

Manuel Valls was this Wednesday, the guest of France Inter. It is expressed on many subjects, the candidacy of François Hollande in the next election, the possibility of his own, but also Notre-Dame des Landes, the “Calais jungle” or even the crisis within the police.


The Prime minister has assured to be “convinced” that “against all predictions” for the presidential election of 2017, “we can represent the tomorrow a hope, a hope”. “Why ? Because all the proposals of the right, Alain Juppe, Nicolas Sarkozy, François Fillon will never meet with the membership of the French”. The Prime minister wants to “carry a message of pride on the action that is ours since 2012″. “I want to defend this balance sheet, in many areas, I am proud of it”, he insisted, praising for example the “90 000 unemployed persons under the age since the beginning of the year.”

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Holland candidate ?

Asked about the book controversy of confidences of François Hollande, Manuel Valls has exercised restraint, while leaving drill a criticism : “What I have to say to the president of the Republic, I tell him directly, because I think that the exercise of power, it is the intimacy, it is the respect of confidentiality, it is the respect, of course, of the secret”, said the Prime minister. The respect of the secrecy or the opposite of the mania of confidence…

when he was then Asked more specifically about the candidacy of the head of the State for the presidential election, the Prime minister remained cautious. The head of State is the natural candidate of the left for the presidential election of 2017 ? ask him there. It does not answer yes, which is in itself remarkable. But of course, he is careful to answer not. “It depends on his decision,” says Valls. (…) It is a decision intimate, it must take account of the situation, he must give a sense of what could be its application and a new quinquennium “.

How does he react when he hears some on the left, to say that it can be an alternative to Francois Hollande ? “All of it, I hear it. (…) Me, I (will not) add it back by my words, by my comments, ( … ), of the crisis. Each of us must speak and act taking into account these two elements : how to bring together the left ? How to give him hope at the same time being proud of the balance sheet, and illuminating the future ? ” -he emphasized.

Then he égrenait all of its priorities and those of the executive, the journalist remarked that it was drawing a programme for the years to come. “All of this draws, yes, of course, a project for France, which must be that of the left, but the left, if it starts only saying, in the coming days, which should be excluded or who should take the place of that, it will go wrong “, he replied. “Therefore, our collective responsibility is to think about this situation and find, of course, the right solution,” insisted Manuel Valls. In this case, “the left and the France, it is [his] only compass”, he assured.


Also interviewed on dismantling the highly anticipated ” jungle “, the Prime minister said : “What is happening in Calais, it is a beautiful face of France. “The evacuation of the largest slums in the country, renamed the “humanitarian operation” by Manuel Valls, ” is conducted taking into account the men and women who are fleeing war and seeking asylum “, but it is also “conducted with firmness,” he said.

Ségolène Royal

Manuel Valls said that the speech of Segolene Royal, who continues to express its opposition to the construction of the airport Notre-Dame-des-Landes had weakened the authority of the State “. To the question ” The word of Ségolène Royal weakens the authority of the State ? “the Prime minister responded :” Yes. Of course, when it is expressed, and this is not any personality, Ségolène Royal. “He assured to respect the word of his minister of the Environment, but stressed that it was also necessary to” respect the word of the State “. He also repeated his determination to evacuate “progressively,” the site of Notre-Dame-des-Landes ” from this fall “. “This will happen “, assured the Prime minister.

when Questioned on the output of the Council of ministers, Ségolène Royal replied to the Prime minister, “I do not polemical, not, me, I am looking for solutions”, ensuring that “(his) line, it has always been the reconciliation between environmental protection and economic development”.

police in crisis

Manuel Valls stated that it was “obviously shocked” by the protests of the police, but was assured that it was necessary ” to hear the forces of order.” “I’m obviously shocked, and the minister of the Interior has already had the opportunity to recall, there are events, when we use cars, lights, demonstrations, masked, this is of course contrary to the rules of the police “, said the Prime minister, while François Hollande receives Wednesday, the police unions, ten days after the beginning of the movement of anger.

Among the questions that will be discussed during the meeting at the Elysée palace, Manuel Valls spoke of ” missions “, ” the means “, ” the appreciation of the careers “, “the conditions of self-defence” and ” the criminal justice response “. “It should be understood that the forces of law and order, who have a strong support of the French “, he said. “The minister of the Interior (…) is all the days to their side. (…) It soothes, it dialogue “, stressed Manuel Valls, on the ground that” it is necessary to act with proficiency, listening, and finding solutions.”

There will there be sanctions ? “If one starts to say that there will be sanctions, curious political dialogue,” the Prime minister said, ensuring that ” the authority is exercised, there, fully “.


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