Event police officers at the Trocadero, in Paris, on October 20, 2016. – BERTRAND GUAY / AFP

As a small scent of crisis management. Bernard Cazeneuve has unveiled this Wednesday evening his plan to the public safety, the existence of which has been déflorée two weeks ago, after the attack of police at Viry-Châtillon (Essonne). Officially place Beauvau, it is claimed that this plan was already planned. Unofficially, it is rumored that the allocations of equipment were well in the pipeline, but not necessarily the rest. That is important, because the minister of the Interior announced a budget of 250 million euros, of which the major part comes from the budget 2017.

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This plan for the public safety, it is the one with the base. Police officers in uniform who make up the majority of the demonstrators for a dozen days, and half of the members of the national Police. Those who feel left behind, even more from the endowment, post-terrorist attacks of November 13, protection equipment, and new rifles for the Tray. And some tasks are considered to be ” undue “.

End of a part of the ” missions undue “

in Particular the guards of the courts and the prefectures, which will be abandoned by the police as soon as the buildings will be put under guard or video surveillance, announced Bernard Cazeneuve. The guards of people to the hospital and the transfers of prisoners are also being discussed with the ministry of Justice. Good news for some police officers, who felt that ” it takes time, and that this is not our missions “. Yet, skepticism is de rigueur : “it’s All the powder in the eyes. It will take months to be applied. “Even the sound of a bell from a colleague :” This allows us to refocus on our core business. But it is a very small part. What we ask for, it is the revision of the concept of self-defence and a better judicial response. “

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Precisely, self-defence, it was a question… Its terms and conditions, including the keeper of the Seals had said on Wednesday morning that they would not go further, will be the subject of discussions between the two ministries, as well as with the trade unions. The proposals will then be submitted to Parliament in late November.

good for you… and the missing

the alignment of The legal regime of the police on the contempt of court, more severe, should also be studied by the Parliament as of the end of November. The contempt of a police officer would now be punished one year of prison and 15.000 euros fine. A measure that seems to satisfy officials who were protesting against the lightness of the sanctions : “We want the recognition, more humanization. Instead of charging us with other devices, try to solve the problem at the source by punishing the ones that we caillassent, ” said a police officer in nantes, france.

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For terms of staff and equipment, the minister said that the peace keepers who will leave the school in 2016 and 2017 will be allocated in priority to the public safety. Each vehicle will be equipped with a fire extinguisher, a blanket, fire-fighting and first-aid kit. The announcements made by Manuel Valls in the aftermath of the attack of Viry have also been reissued.

This plan for the public safety does not end the consultation with the trade unions, but will there be an end to the demonstrations ? For a police officer, problems persist : “We’re not talking about average computer adapted with software rigid vested in the stats. It does not always speak not of the new pace of work, which should enter into force in January. “

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