The singer marociain Saad Lamjarred July 30, 2015 at a concert in Tunis. – SIPA

He was in Paris to enchant the Palate of the Congress on Saturday night. But the famous singer of moroccan Saad Lamjarred is found in the heart of a scandal of justice. Arrested Wednesday in his hotel in paris, the star was presented on Friday morning to justice in view of a possible indictment for “aggravated rape” and ” voluntary violence aggravated “.

Suspected of raping a French of 20 years, the prosecutor’s office in Paris has required the placement of the singer in custody. The alleged victim had filed a complaint Wednesday, claiming to have been assaulted in the hotel room of the singer.

Already being prosecuted for rape in the United States

” She suffers from a traumatic injury and is highly traumatized. His story is totally believable at this point, ” noted a source close to the investigation. Knowing that if this accusation is true, this is not the first time that the singer is prosecuted for rape. He has already been questioned this year in the United States in a rape case dating from 2010, in which he denied any involvement.

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Reactions in Morocco

In Morocco, it is the shock. The singer, 31-year-old is a superstar in the arab world and would occur in Paris sold out. “New rape case for Saad “, ran a headline on Friday, the daily arabophone moroccan al-Ahdath, in unison of most of the newspapers in the morning, who were trying to establish the circumstances of the incident, ” always inaccurate “. Quoting an employee of the hotel, the newspaperl-Akhbar understands that the singer has been seen in shorts running after the victim.

Even the minister of Culture has been of his little sentence. Amine Sbihi has indicated on the website online information Le360 that the moroccan authorities ” would do everything necessary to resolve the problem “. Lamjarred is a ” great figure of the song moroccan “, stressed the minister. Quoted by the local press, the mother of the singer, Nezha Regragui, it’s the same artist known in Morocco, said he is “convinced of the innocence of his son,” claiming that he was ” the victim of a trap.”

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Solidarity, on the networks

And on the social networks, many take the defense of the star. Even to the point of sharing the hashtag #JeSuisSaadLamjarred. Local celebrities and fans of the singer showed their support. “We want (to our success),” says the singer Hatim Ammor, while another songstress, Asma Lmnawar, application of the ” respect the presumption of innocence “.

But some users say they are shocked by the unwavering support of an alleged rapist. On Twitter, a journalist for Dutch-moroccan asks : “I don’t understand why some Moroccans use #jesuisSaadLamjarred, if the sexual assault prove to be true, you are going to spend for idiots. “

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