Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The dismantling of the Calais “jungle” has started on the second day of the evacuation, the

Dressed in combinations of orange, workers started to dismantle or destroy the electric saw part of the shelters are unhealthy. Made of canvas or wood, they were up to these days between 6000 and 8000 migrants dreaming to go to England.

Between the mattresses stacked, the blankets and the pots and pans, other teams were gathering the waste with small front-end loaders, to dump their contents into the bins.

In the evacuated areas, huts were burned down during the night and two fires of low magnitude have yet erupted Tuesday at mid-day. From the bustling streets, there is still a week are abandoned, dirty, littered with tents emptied and crevées, invaded by the smell of smoke.

Evacuation less fast than the day before

the security forces continued at the same time to oversee the departures, which were somewhat less sustained than the day before. Most of 1260 adults had left Calais on Tuesday in the early afternoon, after 1918 Monday, according to the official figures revised downward.

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The first to go were the majority of Sudanese. In the late morning, it was the turn of the Afghans, until then more reluctant, to introduce themselves in small groups to be supported.

Forty-five departures of buses were scheduled for that day, but the process is dependent on the cooperation of migrants. Come for most of Afghanistan, the Sudan or Eritrea, many of these migrants do not want to give up their dream of winning the England, whose coasts are opposite the port of Calais.

Movement and crowd anxiety

in addition, several hundreds of miners were directed to a temporary accommodation Centre (CAP), a structure in hard located on the camp at Calais, awaiting the instruction of their record.

Many tried again Tuesday to register but their progress was slowed down by the verification of their age, found a videographer to the AFP. Forces of the order and members of associations have tried to contain the crowd and to calm anxiety.

“With those who arrived yesterday, we managed to host 800 now. Our aim is to be more than 1000 this evening”, explains Stéphane Duval, director of the CAPE.



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