Thursday, October 20, 2016

After its surrender, Verdi imprisoned at the prison of Borgu – Corsica-Morning

The news spread yesterday morning like wildfire since the Palazzu naziunale of Corte freshly occupied.In the salle des Actes, Ghjiseppu-Maria Verdi, sought by the police for the past three years, announces its surrender.

The young man, who is the grandson of Charles Pieri, has been sentenced to 6 years imprisonment for the attack of the sub-prefecture of Corte in 2012 with Nicolas Battini and Stéphane Tomasini. Surrounded by his lawyer and his relatives (including his mother, who had joined the day before the hunger strike of student nationalists), he referred to the reasons of his choice.

And indicated that it would not appeal the verdict of the court specially composed of Paris. To 15 hours, he was a prisoner in Borgu.

it All began with a phone call. Inside the palazzu, Marc-Antoine Luca, the lawyer of Ghjiseppu-Maria Verdi, is on the phone with the prosecutor of Bastia to “negotiate.”

Three conditions are posed according to the defender to the surrender of the fugitive : a prison in Borgu, the abandonment of all prosecution for his “absence” – not to be blamed anyway, ‘ says Nicolas Bessone – and the geographical proximity of Nicolas Battini and Stéphane Tomasini.

“based on the evidence we have, entrusted to the lawyer in the afternoon, MESSRS. Battini and Tomasini could be transferred very soon,”. Promises. And warranties ? the “We don’t have any, acknowledges Me Luca, if this is what we call the faith of the palace. You can have confidence in the word of a representative of the justice.”

about that contests the prosecutor of Bastia, Nicolas Bessone who denies “any negotiation”. “I had the lawyer for Mr. Verdi and we have agreed to the hour when he should present himself“, said the representative of the public ministry. the “All the people who are arrested on the strength of TGI Bastia are in prison at Borgo, it is normal, what follows does not depend on me but the prison administration or, possibly, the general prosecutor’s office of Paris”, he continued. Finally, the prosecutor Bessone stresses do not “having negotiated the absence ofproceedings for his mare, to the extent that Mr. Verdi has not escaped and has not committed any crime”. So much for the context.

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