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Removal of Jacqueline Veyrac: The track of a former tenant confirmed by the prosecutor –

The prosecutor of the Republic of Nice, Jean-Michel, Priest F. Binacchi / ANP / 20 Minutes

there’s less than a week, Jacqueline Veyrac was removed in the city centre of Nice. Four days after that the business woman has been found, ‘the main actors, the policy makers and implementers, are brought to justice,” assured the prosecutor of the Republic of Nice, Jean-Michel Priest.

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What happens to those in police custody ?

The indictments of seven people were required this Sunday. Six of them have been brought to justice for kidnapping, forcible confinement, theft and extortion of money. “The circumstance aggravated the criminal association organised is restraint,” said the prosecutor.

The last person under investigation is a detective, who would have been able to inform the police of the kidnapping but failed. “The non-prevention of crime can be punished imprisonment up to five years,” says Jean-Michel Priest.

Who is the sponsor assumed ?

The sponsor was assumed to be determined by the investigators as being Giuseppe S. He would have acted with vengeance. Between 2007 and 2009, it had taken on lease The restaurant la Reserve in Nice, property of the family Veyrac, but the company had gone into liquidation.

” There was at least one person who would be the motivation of all this, confirms Jean-Michel Priest. This is a kitchen chef who, prior to 2010, found himself involved in the quality and management of which he made the Reservation. “The restaurant a star has experienced very serious financial difficulties, and the chef had invested the whole of his involvement. “The family Veyrac had to take the decision to end the collaboration,” he continued. A gap that has led the chief conservator to be removed and then sequester the owner of the restaurant for which he worked.

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What were the conditions of detention of Jacqueline Veyrac ?

Its first 48 hours of detention, Jacqueline Veyrac has passed his wrists and ankles bound, his eyes and mouth were closed by the adhesive tape. “It was evidence of retaliation, threats, of violence that have involved the laying of ties even tighter,” explains the attorney. When she was found, she had wounds at the places where it was attached, and that it is itself trying to break free and shouting very loudly. It is a real ordeal that Mrs Veyrac has suffered. “

During these two days, Jacqueline Veyrac was able to drink, but refused to eat. He was forbidden to leave the vehicle.

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