Monday, October 31, 2016

The Camp of migrants in Paris: new operation control of the police prior to an evacuation – Europe1

Prime minister Manuel Valls had stated : the evacuation of the camp of nearly 2,000 migrants in the area of Stalingrad in Paris will be treated this week. As of Monday morning, an operation of “administrative control” was in progress, the premise of an evacuation the next.

Audit of administrative status. The goal of the authorities in these control operations is to verify the administrative status (that is to say, the right of residence) of the occupants and the sanitary state of the camp. Denounced by the collective of volunteers, they are regularly performed on these sites insecure installed in the middle of the street, and are distinct from the evacuations with “sheltering” carried out by the services of the State and the City of Paris. Monday morning, two cords of CRS have circled a big hundred migrants, a party under the metro Jaurès, another at the level of the Saint-Martin canal where are installed the Afghans.

“Why do they destroy our homes ?”. Some activists held aloft placards “no to the roundups of migrants,” while a man was trying to talk to the police officers, in a French correct: “I went to school today, I had exam in 10 hours, why me ?”. In his corner, a backhoe began its work of clearing the mattresses and blankets. “If they do not give us shelter, why do they destroy our homes ?”, questioning an Afghan, while another provided: “It remains for me nothing more, I did more than my clothes, my shoes and my documents”. For several weeks, a camp of migrants (Sudanese, Eritreans, Afghans…) was reconstituted in this popular area of the capital.

“they are not those of Calais”. The camp has grown quite a lot these last few days with 2,000 people about currently installed on the macadam, a swelling explained side voluntary reports from Calais, where the “jungle” was dismantled. But, “they are not those of Calais, who went to Paris”, assured Saturday, François Hollande, promising a rapid evacuation. It could intervene in the coming days, according to Bernard Cazeneuve. To prevent the formation of these settlements, the mayor of Paris has decided to open a “welcome center” humanitarian ” responsible to take charge of the migrants for a few days before installing on accommodation facilities more sustainable in the regions: Centres of welcome and orientation (CAO) similar to those which have welcomed the migrants of Calais.

About 5,000 migrants from the “jungle” have been directed to the CAO during the dismantling express conducted last week by the authorities, who had to finish shaving the barracks, still on the “Moor” on Monday.


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