Saturday, October 22, 2016

Police: new events this night – The Figaro

A few hundred police officers in civilian clothes, marched in Paris last night, for the fifth night in a row, to say their ras-le-bol, thirteen days after the attack, four of their Viry-Chatilllon (Essonne), has found an AFP journalist.

” Wages, hours, and holidays: the working conditions of police officers in France

Shortly after 21: 30, the police officers gathered in small groups, under the rain, in front of the Notre-Dame cathedral, some wearing their cuff, orange, and belted out a Marseillaise. Has every police siren that was close, they applauded.

“The true claims are related to the way we carry out our business,” explains Christophe (using a fake name like his other colleagues surveyed), 38 years, including 16 in the police. Calling for “a reform of self-defence”, the brigadier who works in the department of Seine-et-Marne believes that it is important to “change the fear of side”. “All the cops in France are afraid of pull out their weapon”, is nervous there.

“We do not demand a license to kill, but the text is not adapted any more to the delinquency of today”, said Eric, brigadier chef of 47 years.

Emily, keeper of the peace for 25 years in Paris, demand to be “supported by the hierarchy”: “When one is injured on a intervention it is not heard”. Not claiming not unions -”it is poorly represented, the delegates don’t know the reality on the ground”- it also wants to “reform the criminal”.

this “could put an end to the movement that is left to last”, “we can put all the means, all the numbers, if the penalties are not enforced it’s not going to change anything,” adds to his side Josephine, 30 years old, keeper of the peace in Paris since 6 years.

Shortly before midnight, police were then rallied the town hall, a few hundred metres away, with cries of “Cazeneuve resignation”, “Citizens”, “French angry” or even “The guy in jail.”

They again sang a Marseillaise and hit in their hands, “in tribute to the police officers wounded and the victims of the attacks”. Then the procession walked down the rue de Rivoli in the opposite direction, among the cars, shouting, “Citizens with us !”.

some of the windows, the balconies, the terraces of the cafés or at the wheel of cars, people clapped, cheered the forces of law and order or waving a cloth. The police then dispersed to 01: 00 in the morning.

other gatherings in the evening were also held in Marseille (fifty police officers) and Calais (a quarantine).
The movement, which has made spot oil since Monday with rallies in several cities, following a violent attack at Molotov cocktail in a police vehicle in Viry-Châtillon (Essonne), on 8 October.

During the assault, a deputy of safety of 28-year-old has been very badly burned. He is still hospitalized, plunged into a medically induced coma but is no longer under respiratory assistance. His colleague, a keeper of the peace for 39 years, also seriously affected, has left the hospital Tuesday evening.

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