Sunday, October 30, 2016

Abduction of the hotel with Nice: six people prosecuted by the justice, Le Figaro

Jacqueline Veyrac had been kidnapped near her home on Monday, October 24. The suspects face up to life imprisonment for the kidnapping which the wife of 76-year-old has delivered an “impressive” story to investigators.

Less than a week after the spectacular abduction of Jacqueline Veyrac, rich and discreet hospitality of the Côte d’azur, held 48 hours in a van, six people were indicted by the justice for kidnapping, forcible confinement and extortion, announced the prosecutor of the Republic of Nice.

The magistrate, Jean-Michel, Priest, is also income during a press conference on the”awesome” story that the old lady of 76 years of his detention, his hands and feet tied, mouth shut, and sometimes blindfolded.

Five of them were placed in detention on remand and the sixth under judicial control, said the prosecutor’s office in Nice. They risk all to life imprisonment because of the skills learned: kidnapping, forcible confinement, extortion and criminal association organised. A seventh person, a police officer at retired-turned-private detective who would have been informed of the kidnapping but would not have alerted the police, has been under investigation for non-prevention of crime and placed under judicial control. He faces up to 5 years imprisonment.

In total, following the removal Monday of Jacqueline Veyrac, nine people had been, after his release accidental two days later, in police custody in the premises of the judicial police of Nice.

ransom Demand

Among those referred to the court, a conservator Italian, Giuseppe S. appears already as the sponsor of the alleged abduction. Installed to Nice, he had managed, between 2007 and 2009, the restaurant, The Reserve, on the edge of the sea of Nice, an establishment belonging to the family Veyrac.

In 2009, his company had gone into liquidation and he would have, based on the evidence gathered by the investigators, designed a rancor tenacious with respect to its owner: the abduction, during which a ransom demand has been made, would have been for the purpose of recovering the money lost at the time.

the other Two are suspected to have been involved in the organisation of abduction: Luke G. said “Tintin”, a former press photographer and paparazzi, would have placed a tag under the vehicle of Ms. Veyrac to the track. A british citizen at the troubled past, a time a soldier engaged in external operations of the british army, would have insured the monitors.

The other put in question appear as men of hand that would have participated directly in the kidnapping of Mrs Veyrac, which had been perpetrated by three men, Monday noon, in the heart of Nice.

“The mouth and even sometimes the eyes are closed off by adhesive tapes”

The judiciary should also try to establish a connection with a previous attempt of abduction, in 2013 of the hotel, in similar circumstances, that Mrs Veyrac had managed to outwit.

Removed Monday noon so she went to his parking lot, located behind his home in the Musicians district of Nice, Mrs Veyrac had been found 48 hours later, tied up on the floor of the utility vehicle that had been used for its removal.

An inhabitant of the hills of nice had noticed that one of the license plate of the vehicle parked near his home was slightly detached and opened up another plate. He had then spotted the kidnapped and had freed before giving the alert.

In the meantime, “she was tied up with “serre-flex” (plastic tie-wrap, editor’s note) at the wrists and ankles, mouth and even sometimes the eyes are closed with adhesive tapes,” said the prosecutor. She has managed twice to get out of relationship” and is “almost managed to get out of the vehicle”, the prosecutor stressed, indicating that Mrs Veyrac “had wounds at the points where it was committed, the injuries that she had made herself trying to get free”.

other tracks had originally been considered by the courts, including that of a family dispute over the paternal inheritance, or a conflict related to a sale supposed of the Grand Hotel of Cannes, the jewel of the heritage of this family in nice, living in the utmost discretion.


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